Sony debuts 1,000 Ringtones DVD for Apple iPhone

Apple Online Store Sony Creative Software today announced the availability of 1,000 Ringtones, a DVD containing ringtones grouped into three categories: music, sound effects, and spoken words and phrases. Users can select tones for incoming calls, emails and text messages. Developed for Apple iPhone users, the 1,000 ringtone files are included on the DVD in the popular .m4r and .mp3 formats, and are ready for immediate use without any additional fees, downloads or editing after the initial product purchase.

To install, iPhone users can simply load the DVD, audition ringtones and then move selected ringtones into iTunes for synchronization with their iPhone. The DVD includes a tutorial video that demonstrates these simple steps.

“iPhone devices are one of the most popular cell phones on the market. We invite users to add a personal touch to their device with 1,000 Ringtones,” said Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software vice president of global marketing, in the press release. “Easy to install, 1,000 Ringtones has the perfect sound for every personality, at a cost of just pennies per tone. Instant access to all 1,000 ringtones on DVD without any hidden costs or time consuming downloads makes selecting and using ringtones much more fun and economical.”

1,000 Ringtones is now available for purchase at retailers nationwide and online at for US$19.95.

Source: Sony Creative Software

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Users can select tones for incoming calls, emails and text messages.”

    Since when have we been able to choose different sounds for incoming mail messages? All I can do on my 3GS is turn sound on or off for new mail. Is there some sort of upgrade software on this DVD?

  2. Ah, it’s *that* Sony — the Creative Software division, which is their Sonic Foundry acquisition, and from what I can tell still acts independently.

    If this is your bag, the audio quality and selection will be outstanding.

    Sonic Foundry (now Sony Creative Software) has produced really nice audio editing and mastering tools for the PC… Sound Forge, ACID (the original leader in loop software… oh, the remixes I’ve done). I’ve used the Sonic Foundry stuff for years and actually prefer them to tools available on Mac.

  3. I heard this ringtone on iTunes the other day and it cracked me up. I played it over the speakers and recorded it with the audio app and assigned it to a friend of mine who, say shall we say, smokes like it’s 1999. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Search iTunes for: stoner phone ringtone

    It’s the first one on the list.

    My bad on the .69 piracy.

  4. Um, despite inaccuracies about the email notification, many are missing a not-so-subtle message:

    SONY is acknowledging the iPhone’s market leadership. Remember they have this little SONY-ERICSSON relationship for phones.

    Not often that a company gives a competitor props:
    “iPhone devices are one of the most popular cell phones on the market.

  5. I know it’s fun to get all spun up about this big message “from Sony,” but I wouldn’t consider this Sony. I work at a huge company and can tell you we don’t speak for other divisions. And when we speak for our own stuff, there’s still “coopetition” and reality; so, big companies partner and offer things for competitor’s platforms.

    These audio files will not be WMA. Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) uses standard audio files.

    And yes, you’ve found a Sonic Foundry and Mac “fanboy” in one. The only reason why I’ll keep a PC around … except for work. 🙁

  6. Mr. Reese: I’m the same way about the horns at the end of Mahler 1. Oh, and it’d have to be Bernstein or Solti conducting ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. If this is like most ringtone ‘collections’ I’ve seen/heard, it will be 98% cRap “music” bits of which I can’t even understand the words. How about a Loony Tunes collection like I use to have on my Mac Si with Sound Master (I think that’s what it was). I also want Talking Moose on my iPhone! (yes, I’m old)

  8. Another demonstration that Sony is stuck in the 20th century. You can only get this on a disk, you cannot download it.

    Jesus Sony, why didn’t you just put it on a series of 5-1/4″ floppies if you are staying so retro.

  9. @Dave and Derek Flint

    Man, I was all ready to geek out and tell you that I ripped the Austin Powers DVD and grabbed the best sounding ringtone of the three times it’s used in the movie and installed it on my iPhone.

    And now that I listen to the one posted above, it’s a different melody than the one in the Austin Powers movie (and the one I have).

    Soo, if you want the one that I made, here it is: Powers Phone.m4r


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