Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac released

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!Parallels today announced the availability of Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac. This is the latest version of the number 1 Mac system utility, currently enabling more than 2 million users to run Windows, Linux and other operating systems side-by-side with Mac OS X. According to performance research conducted by Crimson Consulting Group, Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac performs 22% faster than the nearest Windows-on-Mac competitor in standard productivity testing of Windows 7 64-bit on a MacBook Pro. In addition, version 5 is up to 300% faster for virtual machine operations than the previous version. For 3D and graphics performance, tested under the industry standard 3Dmark 2006 Professional test suite the new version performs up to 7 times better. Users can test this for themselves with a free trial from

“As the OS battles rage between Microsoft, Apple and Linux, we provide a completely customizable solution that enables people to use the applications they need with the fastest performance available, regardless of the operating system,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels, in the press release. “Parallels continues to build on its proven track record of innovation, responding to our customers by providing the fastest, smartest and most powerful Windows-on-Mac experience available.”

There are more than 70 new features in Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac, many of which give users the flexibility to work in the way they want. Users can choose how much or little Windows they want to see, from running Windows in Full Screen mode where Windows completely covers the Mac user interface to the new Crystal view mode which makes Windows completely disappear. Users can even get a Mac-like experience in their Windows applications, using the intuitive Apple Trackpad Gestures technology to pinch, swipe, and rotate as they do in Mac applications.

“Ideally PC emulation should be transparent and invisible, and Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac goes a very long way towards this,” said beta tester and executive in the mining industry Nic Clift. ” The thing that strikes me most about Parallels Desktop for Mac is that it is trouble-free, consistent with what I expect of Mac software, and has proved to be a remarkably convenient and easy way for me to maintain as much access to the world of Windows as I want. Parallels works as neatly with Boot Camp as it does when running seamlessly in the background, along with my everyday Mac software. If anything, version 5 has made Windows emulation even more transparent and trouble-free and unless one wants to get involved with the details of set-up it is easy to forget that it is even running.”

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac introduces more than 70 new features and enhancements, offering a computing experience that is:

• Faster
– Full support for Aero in Windows Vista and 7 through Windows WDDM driver, including Aero Flip 3D
– Virtual machine size automatically optimized for best performance with Parallels Compressor
– Improved performance for Linux guest OS from KVM paravirtualization

“The excellent 3D graphics performance of Parallels Desktop for Mac makes it Autodesk’s preferred Mac virtualization software for customers who choose to run AutoCAD or our other design and engineering software on the Mac,” said Andrew Mackles, Director of AutoCAD Product Management at Autodesk, in the press release. “We are excited about the further graphics enhancements in Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac and the potential to improve the customer experiences.”

• Smarter
– A more Mac-like experience in their Windows applications through Apple Trackpad Gestures technology (pinch, swipe, rotate and more), horizontal scrolling and the application of Full Screen active corners and curl page effect
– Copy & Paste fidelity for formatted text and complete layouts including images, even between Windows and Linux guest OSs
– Freedom and flexibility to run Windows and Mac applications across multiple monitors

• More Powerful
– 7 times better graphic performance for games and 3D applications than the previous version with Direct X 9Ex with Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1 support
– Superior graphics performance for Linux guests through OpenGL 2.1 support
– Full hardware resources can be utilized with support for 8 virtual CPUs, 64 bit Windows and Snow Leopard Server 64 bit
– Easily move PCs (including Windows 7) and 3rd party virtual machines to the Mac with the enhanced Parallels Transporter

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish starting today- Additional localized versions will soon be available in Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish and Russian in the coming weeks
The standard retail price (SRP) of Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac is $79.99, including $175 worth of additional software: Parallels Internet Security 2009 by Kaspersky (1 year subscription); Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 (Disk Management); Acronis True Image 11 Home (Backup and Recovery Solutions).

More info about Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac here.

Source: Parallels


  1. Bootcamp and Parallels are great it lets me run the best OS (Windows 7) on the best hardware (Mac Book Pro). When I want to make that web site for my cat and manage my photos I go into MAC OS X but when real work needs to happen I go into Windows.

  2. The upgrade price is $50. There are still a few things I can’t do with Parallels 4 like copy and paste between mac and windows. Printing in my home network is a no go as well. That could be because the windows is set up for my work network and I have an old Apple printer that is shared from a desktop mac at home.

  3. With VMWare Fusion being offered on sale (I got an offer in email):;=&PN=1&V1=1651292&CUR=840

    . . . for $59 I’m starting to wonder at the pricey upgrades from Parallels. I like the product, but Fusion is reviewed well with this latest release and seems less pricey over the long-haul, plus I’d still have my Parallelsl V.4.0.

    I think Parallels is making a BIG mistake by pricing their update so high at a time when VMWare is making a push with their WHOLE product at only $9 higher!

    Why would I stay with Parallels?


  4. I can’t help but wonder if this is betaware, pushed out the door to match the VM3 hubub. I got burned on Parallels 4, a lousy upgrade that crashed my machine so fast and regularly I switched to Fusion. Until I _know_ it works, I can’t imagine going back–been burned already.

  5. ….what Paul said.

    Parallels 3 to 4 upgrade %^$$@##$% my machine so badly it took a day to fix it. Hmmmm…maybe I should go wander out in the dark woods said the blonde….I’m sure the killer is not there.

    Oh…and Ken. Your pussy has a website?


  6. This is really pathetic, Mac fanboys cheering (including MDN) because they can run windows on their macs, I mean please…

    If Windows is even 0.00001% as shit as you ppl claim it to be with previous 100000 posts the last few years, then why on earth would you even consider running such crap no matter how much you need it for work etc, you rather switch your job than use total and utter crap no?

    Maybe windows isn’t that crap after all eih? ..and don’t start with this “I have to”-shit, you don’t have to do anything but die ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. haha looks like someone is trying heavily to compete with vmware fusion whom is releasing version 3 soon or it was just released. I’d like to see how 5 is.. cause I cant even upgrade from 3 to 4. Must do a new install of windows and such.. oh well I’m liking fusion 2 on my mac pro running xp 64bit.. so far it does nothing but… folding@home

  8. re: SoWeird:
    “This is really pathetic, Mac fanboys cheering (including MDN) because they can run windows on their macs, I mean please…”

    What’s really pathetic is a Windows fanboy so desperate that he surfs a Mac site in search of a place to howl at the moon.

    Mac users run Windows for a lot of reasons not associated with a _desire_ to run Windows.

    I run Windows to test websites I design on my Mac. There are actually Windows Sufferers able to surf the web in between reboots and virus infections so I need to see what my sites look like on a Windows machine and browser.

    Got it?

    Mac users who repair Windows boxes might also have a need to run Windows when doing repairs and downloading drivers on a machine they can depend on (their Mac).

    Windows is still crap, sorry. My Dad was an engineer with Lear and Rockwell Aviation who also owned a car repair shop. He thought Fords sucked but he worked on them, so he had the tools to fix them and the manuals. He even bought a couple to resell. Understand? He still thought they were crap but he fixed them because he got paid to.

    And hey, where’s the money? Where things don’t work. Windows. Crap for Nearly 20 Years!


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