Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac boasts massive speed increase; runs Windows faster than Boot Camp

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“Parallels on Wednesday released Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac, a new version of its virtualization software that allows Intel-based Macs to run Windows and Linux alongside Mac OS X,” Jim Dalrymple reports for CNET.

“According to Parallels, the new version of its software is up to 300 percent faster than the previous version, Parallels Desktop 4. The company also hired Crimson Consulting Group to do performance testing on Parallels 5 and said it was 22 percent faster than its nearest virtualization competitor [think VMWare Fusion] when running Windows 7 64-bit on a MacBook Pro,” Dalrymple reports.

“Speaking with CNET, Parallels CEO Serguei Beloussov said company had three main goals when making Parallels 5 for Mac: make it faster; make it smarter and easier; and make it more powerful,” Dalrymple reports. “Parallels 5 also adds a new viewing mode called Crystal, which is similar to Coherence, where Windows completely disappears from your desktop.”

MacDailyNews Take: They ought to call it “Heaven.”

Dalrymple continues, “‘Parallels is faster than Boot Camp,’ Beloussov said. ‘Most slow downs with Windows is not because of computational problems, it’s handling drivers. We offer optimized virtualized hardware and drivers, making it faster.'”

Full article here.

More info about Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac here.


  1. If it is “only” 22 percent faster than VMware Fusion, how can it be faster than Windows running directly using Boot Camp? VMware Fusion runs fine (as long as you allocate sufficient RAM to the VM), but I’m sure it is more than 22 percent slower overall, compared to Windows running directly on the hardware.

  2. @Veronica

    I have Windows on my Mac to run an occasional game and for running Microsoft Money. If there was a decent financial app in OS X (and please don’t say Quicken), I’d probably delete boot camp. I’ve tried iBank and a few others and they have a long way to go to be equal to the version of Quicken for Windows or MS Money.

  3. @Veronica,

    “Why would anyone want Windows on their Mac, to appease someone else?”

    Unfortunately, yes. It appeases my boss, who pays me money, which I use to appease my wife.

    Sadly, that’s where the appeasal train stops…(sigh).

  4. Veronica says:
    “Why would anyone want Windows on their Mac, to appease someone else?”

    Seriously… some of you Mac snobs need to re-think your attitudes.

    But since you asked, I’ll tell you why I run VMware Fusion with Windows XP Pro on a couple of our work Macs (small business with about 10 Macs).
    1) To run specialized, proprietary WINDOWS ONLY software to update our digital road sign messages.
    2) To run specialized, proprietary WINDOWS ONLY software to access our alarm system and program door access cards.
    3) To run specialized, proprietary WINDOWS ONLY software to configure and update the occasional router or switch that just can’t be done on a Mac (like a firmware update utility or web interface that requires IE 6 or 7).
    4) To support my Windows users in preparing VPN policies and the like (also often proprietary WINDOWS ONLY software).

    Sensing a trend here? Those are very good reasons I personally maintain a copy of Windows XP.

    I COULD run around and contact the software vendors and cry like a baby complaining about their lack of native Mac support, but that would be a royal waste of time and a royal pain in my ass.

    So please, stop the retarded comments that have no basis in reality… you just make professional Mac users like myself look bad.


  5. I would have to agree with HazMat. Being a support tech I have to have both environments for my customers. It’s not about what I want but what my customers need. I hate Microsoft and I hope the market share still decreases for them but until that happens we live in a world where Windows is still needed.

  6. I suppose I should mention that I manage about 40 computers total, for what it’s worth. About half of them are Macs, and more would be Macs if I was dictator, but I have the grace to understand that some people just prefer Windows for whatever reason.


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