CNBC’s Goldman: App Store’s 100,000 apps highlight Apple’s sheer genius; stuns would-be competitors

Apple Online Store “Apple’s not-so-secret weapon in its war for mobile dominance reached a stunning plateau this morning: 100,000 apps are now available on the Apple App Store, even as rivals try desperately to play catch-up… Apple continues to tighten its stranglehold on the claim that it is the platform of choice for the world’s developers,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“Just yesterday, eBay CEO John Donahoe told me that PayPal is generating $500 million in new revenue from the App Store, ‘on a platform that didn’t even exist just two and a half years ago,'” Goldman reports.

“What’s amazing to me is not merely the number of apps being created and downloaded, but the wealth creation and entrepreneurialism the platform is encouraging,” Goldman writes. “Apple created the compelling hardware that is so far ahead of its competition and it’s letting the marketplace keep the technology “fresh” with an almost endless library of innovation. Sheer genius.”

Goldman writes, “And all Apple competitors, like Research in Motion, Nokia, Microsoft, Palm, and Google can do is sit there, mouths agape, wondering what to do next.”

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  1. I wonder how much difference 100,000 apps makes in the mindsets of people who might be torn between the iPhone and Droid?

    iPhone = 100,000
    Droid = 10,000

    If I was comparing the two, I would think that with 10,000 apps the Droid would surely have anything that I wanted and if not – it would soon enough.

    I would base my decision on other aspects of the device which is still a win for Apple.

  2. Exactly. That is a huge advantage that the iPhone has over other phones that is not really talked about much. Most phones get older and less relevant and useful over time. The iPhone always gets better over time (kind of like wine.). The o.s. updates just keep expanding iPhone’s capabilities, and the apps expand on that even more.

  3. Key word : PLATFORM

    iPhone is a PLATFORM.

    That is not something that will ever be achievable by any of it’s competitors, who together share a small fragmented market at best.

  4. “And all Apple competitors, like Research in Motion, Nokia, Microsoft, Palm, and Google can do is sit there, mouths agape, wondering what to do next.”

    Well said, and looking at them furiously trying to rip off Apple’s whole widget of great design, software, and apps, just goes to show they haven’t a clue.

  5. Tipical “Apple hater”: But half of that are just fart apps…
    Tyoical person with brains: Then, still 50,000 that are not fart based, that still more than 40,000 app more than the competition ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. “… Internet is only for PC, not for iphone, so they have 75000 apps….. blah blah blah…” Steve Ballmer. “Oh, wait a minute, internet is not for iphone, so they have 100,000 apps, oh, wait a minute…. 200,000 apps, oh no, wait a minute 1 million apps…. No, Intenet is not for iphone.” What s shitting bull.

  7. Do you honestly think that the competition’s app library has a higher concentration of useful (non-fart-based) apps? Don’t kid yourself. People will try to make money with the simplest/dumbest apps possible, regardless of the platform.

  8. It’s MUCH more than the sheer number of apps! The iPhone/iPod touch platform has essentially ONE hardware configuration with two variations. The vast majority of apps will work on all devices. The Droids consist of probably DOZENS of different hardware configurations. How does a programmer write ONE app that will supportthem ALL?

  9. I’m sure there’s room enough for another App Store, like Google’s. Blackberry will have one geared toward business use that will be fine with even as few as a couple thousand apps. It’s WinMo and Symbian and Palm that need to worry.

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