Unboxing Apple’s sleek new aluminum Apple Remote (with photos)

MacDailyNews reader Eric L. received his brand new Apple Remote (US$19) via FedEx as part of a 27″ iMac order and sent along some unboxing photos and first impressions:

Still waiting on the loaded i7 Quad Core!

The remote is as solid as a Unibody MacBook. It doesn’t want to bend at all.

The minimalist plastic case is curved to fit the remote. Perfect alignment.

The menu & play buttons are scalloped, as is the center button.

The aluminum appears to have exactly the same texture as the Unibody Macbook.

So well executed.

I actually hit the Menu button with the MacBook nearby on the table (while closed), and I heard it waking up. I said, “No way”. But it worked.

So as to signal-angles etc, I can say that not even pointing at the laptop, it works great. (Unlike our stupid DirecTV remote).

The new Apple Remote (US$19) lets you control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone from afar: Play, pause, adjust volume, move forward and back, and access menus while playing music and video.

More info about the new Apple Remote here.

Thanks, Eric L.!


  1. Oh, and the packaging is genius. Stretching the plastic over the cardboard and folding the other way. Just got some headphones and they came wrapped like that. No more foam or anything else. Love it.

  2. The box is that large because if it was any smaller it would be much easier for the Post Office goons to steal. Be warned if you want stuff to arrive – use a large box.

  3. No career carrier is going to risk their $30 per hr job, full federal benefits and full retirement package to steal a $19 remote. You must be confusing them with that pig you call “mom”

  4. Got mine today as well. That case is _tight_.

    BTW- that form of wrapped plastic packaging is fairly old-hat. I’ve seen it with component shipping for some years.

  5. “does this work with apple tv as well? there was no mention of apple tv during the release”

    Front Row is basically the Mac version of AppleTV features.

    its the exact same remote that will ship with Apple TV.

    the exact same remote.
    yes it works.

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