Why is an Apple Retail Store grand opening always such a big deal?

“Frankly, we weren’t sure what to expect when we pitched up in Brighton at the tail end of August for the opening of Apple’s 21st retail store in the UK,” Christopher Phin reports for TechRadar UK. “Of course we’d been to the opening of the first – the flagship Regent Street store in London – and had been caught up in the enthusiasm and excitement of staff and punters alike, but surely the fact that a shop is opening somewhere that already sells Apple kit is hardly something to get het up about?”

Phin reports, “Boy, were we wrong.”

Phin reports, “When we rocked up to the new store in Brighton’s Churchill Square shopping centre just after 8am, there was already a queue forming. (And while this isn’t in the same league as the camping-out-for-days-beforehand stunts that we’ve seen at the opening of, say, the Regent Street and Fifth Avenue stores, we were nevertheless impressed that as the store opened – and even half an hour after it did – the queue was easily a couple of hundred strong.)”

“And when the doors did open after an excited countdown, the staff, lined up inside the store on either side of the door, applauded wildly and high-fived the folks in the queue as they streamed into the shop. And for many this was no mere pilgrimage; within minutes of the store opening, people were walking out carrying iMacs, MacBooks and more,” Phin reports. “Through a strange alchemy of stellar products, peerless stage management and just a soupçon of wide-eyed cultism, there’s nothing quite like the opening of an Apple Store. See you at the next one?”

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  1. I just read the story below this one entitled “Microsoft Retail Stores have to resort to free concert tickets to generate opening day crowds”, and noticed these two similar sentences:

    Above (regarding Apple Opening):
    “…the staff, lined up inside the store on either side of the door, applauded wildly and high-fived the folks in the queue as they streamed into the shop.”

    And the previous story (regarding MS Opening):
    “…workers within the store…danced and lined up to give high-fives to patrons as they streamed through the doors.”

    Probably coincidental, for if taken at face value they are two quotes from two seperate people located aproximately 5,437 miles from each other. Most likely it is yet another glaring example of the depth to which MS’s blatant copycat-ism will shamelessly sink.

    Sorry folks…it’s Sunday and I’m bored…

  2. Oops. I just noticed MDN’s take: “Sounds very familiar yet horribly perverted.”

    Simple and to the point. That’s probably why I only do feedback and MDN’s not beating down my door with a Staff Writer position…

  3. An apple store opening signifies that your city/area has made it. So the “big deal” is that your city is now a city with an apple store city. Having moved to the middle of the country from the east coast, you have no idea how many times I have been asked. “Do you even have an apple store out there?” When I respond that we do, it somehow makes my city okay. Strange, but definitely true.

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