Greater Atlanta Christian Schools to equip 1,200 students with new Apple MacBooks

“Greater Atlanta Christian Schools on Thursday announced the launch of a massive Apple technology initiative that will put new laptops in the hands of more than 1,200 students and place higher tuition bills in the mailboxes of parents,” D. Aileen Dodd reports for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Starting in August, the Norcross private school will equip every student in grades six through 12 with a new MacBook loaded with GAC software. It will be one of Apple’s largest school technology rollouts in the nation. The laptops will be paired as a learning tool with another essential many tech-savvy students already have, an iPod,” Dodd reports.

MacDailyNews Note: It’s hardly one of “Apple’s largest school technology rollouts in the nation,” but it’s nice to see regardless.

“Talk of the multimillion-dollar upgrade was greeted by cheers Thursday at an assembly held to announce the iLearn technology initiative, which is being funded in part by GAC’s endowment, its magazine fund-raiser and tuition increases,” Dodd reports. “GAC MacBooks will even be provided to students who already have laptops at home. The laptops will carry insurance and tech support. Students, however, must provide their own iPod touch devices.”

Dodd reports, “The upgrade will mean that tuition for elementary school students will jump from $12,150 to $13,100, a 7.8 percent increase. Older students will see a 13.8 percent increase, with their bills rising from $12,645 to $14,400. The prices will still be lower than those at most private schools. Median tuition at private schools in Georgia ranged from about $15,000 for elementary schools to $19,700 for high schools last year, according to the National Association of Independent Schools.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, GAC students!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gary B.” for the heads up.]


  1. “It will be one of Apple’s largest school technology rollouts in the nation.” Haven’t there been school districts of tens of thousands of students that have given students Macs? How is 1200 so big?

  2. Vouchers for all school children in the USA. That might start to fix the meltdown of the system. All these parents of private school kids also pay public school taxes. If I was in charge of a Catholic school system, I would close ALL my schools for a month and have all the paying students register at the public schools, just to show them which way was up.

  3. Heh…..a parochial school district buys computers from one of the most progressive and fair-minded companies on the planet. Maybe it’s Steve Jobs’ evil plan to make more than ten percent of the kids gay by having them type on gay-friendly Apple’s computers.

  4. Those private schools in Georgia are so cheap… Private schools here in NYC can go as high as $35,000 (for kindergarten; even higher for higher grades). Even the UN school (one of the cheaper — yet better — private schools) is over $22k per year…

    How can an average working family afford to put their child(ren) through private schooling anymore? What has the world come to…

  5. @Big Als MBP,


    So, by your “logic”, no Democrats send their children to Christian school. That’s a peculiar position, since Democrats are usually quite quick to point out that Republicans don’t have the market cornered on faith and values.

    That leaves me wondering… Are Christians exclusively Republican, or are Christians both Democrat and Republican and you’re just a left-wing ideologue?

    I’m going with the latter.

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