Apple’s 2009 ad budget totaled just over half a billion dollars

“Those Get-a-Mac spots aren’t cheap, but they deliver a lot of bang for the buck,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Apple shells out a ton of money for advertising. In fiscal 2009 it spent $501 million, according to the 10-K form filed Tuesday,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “That’s up from $486 million in 2008 and $467 million in 2007.”

“But half a billion doesn’t seem like so much when it’s compared with the $1.4 billion Microsoft spent in fiscal 2009, or the $811 million Dell spent on ads I can’t remember ever seeing,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “In fact, as a percentage of revenue, Apple has actually been decreasing its ad spending every year for the past eight, from nearly 5% in 2001 to 1.37% today. That’s about half the 3.6% Research in Motion’s spends advertising BlackBerries ($336 million).”

Read more in the full article, including ideas about why Apple’s ad spend is so effective, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Holy crap, Dell spends $300 million more on advertising then Apple and I can’t remember any of their ads.

    Oh ya, that one stupid lollypop one. But seriously, 800 million and that is all I remember? Huge waste of money. And god knows they need all the money they can get.

  2. Here is a great way for Apple to spend a bit of its ad money in January. Run the old “Think Different” ad during the Super Bowl. The only change they would need to make is replace the technicolor Apple logo at the end with the new silver logo.

  3. The only Dell ads I remember recently were the “Lollipop” ads.

    Kind of sad that all they could advertise was that their laptops came in a variety of colors.

    If it weren’t for the infectious pop tune used in the ad, I doubt I would have remembered it at all.

  4. Another interesting observation – Microsoft and Dell combined spent around $2.2 billion on advertising. That’s over 4 times more than what Apple spent. And that doesn’t even count what the other PC hardware makers have spent.

    Which clearly demonstrates that the Windows PC business model is far more efficient, what with them marketing the hardware and the software separately… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”rolleyes” style=”border:0;” />

  5. There’s a quality to everything Apple does, from it’s products, to it’s marketing, stores, User Interface, support, etc.

    It’s the reason the Company has Zealot’s. When you add it all together, it dwarfs the Pee Cee side of the equation, hence, people notice and are appreciative of something so distinctive that caters to their needs.

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