V3 reviews Apple’s new iMacs: Brilliant LED-backlit screens, blistering performance

Apple Store“Apple’s latest update to its all-in-one iMacs refines rather than reinvents the classic desktop design, but the changes are still considerable. The 27in iMac sits at the top of the range and, while its new 16:9 widescreen display might make it a bit too ostentatious for some desktops, designers (and anyone else looking for a vast expanse of screen space) will welcome its 2,560 x 1,440 resolution,” Julian Prokaza reports for V3.co.uk (formerly vnunet.com).

“All iMac screens are now LED backlit, and this technology is both whiter and brighter than the old CCFL displays. It can be set to a much lower brightness level than the old iMac screens too, making these new models much more comfortable to use in dimly lit environments,” Prokaza reports.

“The new screens are also thinner and run cooler than those of the old iMacs and, rather than reduce the depth of the case, Apple has used the extra space to fit a big enough cooling system to cope with Intel desktop processors,” Prokaza reports. “The new iMacs also have room for four memory module slots, which not only means that there’s now a 16GB RAM limit, but that inexpensive 2GB SODIMMs can be used for an 8GB configuration.”

Prokaza reports, “Apple is also offering the 27in iMac with Intel’s Core i5 or Core i7 processor. Available in November, prices start at £1,599 [US$1999] for the [Quad-Core Intel Core i5] 2.66GHz model, which should offer similar workstation-level performance to the £1,899 [US$2499] Mac Pro and a similar display to the £1,173 [US$1799] 30-inch Cinema Display. That’s quite a saving.”

Full review, which lists “Brilliant LED-backlit screens; across-the-board specification increases; quad-core model promises blistering performance” among the pros of Apple’s new machines, here.


  1. I’m gonna have to go down to the Apple Store Easton here in Columbus, Ohio and take a gander. Wanna handle the new mouse, too.

    Love the aluminum back on these things. It’s more consistent.

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  2. I’ve been to the Apple store (5th Ave, NYC) twice since last Tuesday. Touched the mouse. Just lovely, all of it. The 27-incher is just massive. I’m seriously contemplating selling this huge computer desk/cabinet that only can fit 21.5″ display inside and getting a different one (perhaps just a desk with drawers, no top “huch” component), so that I can get the 27″ beast. It’s just so amazingly spectacular!

  3. I have a Mac with a glossy external monitor. I also have a wall of about 20 feet of virtually ceiling to floor windows where I work. During the day, the blinds are open and the room is basically illuminated by sunlight

    Never have glare or reflections, simply because I place my my monitors so their backs face the windows. I love it. I can work and the only disruption during the day is when I peer over my screens to see what is going on outside.

  4. The screen alone is worth the price. Good thing Apple didn’t make it thinner for thinness’ sake and put extra cooling power under the hood. I can’t wait to see the benchmarks of the Core i5’s and i7’s.

  5. Question — Don’t want to seem obtuse, but does anyone here know for sure if this scenario is possible?

    I have a Mac Pro and a 24″ iMac side by side. If I buy the 27″ iMac to replace my current 24″ iMac and also get rid of my 23″ Cinema Display at the same time, can I then use the 27″ iMac as both a computer AND a display for my Mac Pro. I know these iMacs can be used as displays, but what I’m wondering is this: Will it be possible to easily toggle back and forth between the iMac’s desktop and the Mac Pro’s desktop, thereby freeing up space on my workstation where I essentially now have two monitors?

    If this is workable, then I may be spending some money on one of these 27″ iMacs, because I’ve been waiting forever for Apple to update the 30″ Cinema so I could buy one of those. But if I can get nearly as big a screen AND a second computer as well then that’ll seal the deal.

  6. @Curious Tom:
    I assume you mean using the iMac and your Mac Pro as if you had them hooked through a KVM switch. That’s a good question. I haven’t seen anything like that addressed. I doubt it’s possible, but it would be a bonus if it were.

  7. @ Digits —

    Yes. I’m just wondering, because then I could use the 27″ iMac to both replace my current iMac AND serve as the monitor for my Mac Pro. I guess if there’s a KVM switch on the market that can take DisplayPort inputs then the idea might work — I could switch back and forth with a tap of the keyboard or the flick of a switch and use each computer simultaneously like I do now . . . but with only one super-duper monitor (and more free desk space!).

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