Microsoft’s Windows 7ista ‘made by’ lie

“People who believe the ads–that Windows 7 was ‘made by me’–will believe anything. So try this: Windows 7 was ‘made’ by people who hated Windows Vista,” David Coursey writes for PC World.

“Forget the love fest that has surrounded the Windows 7 launch. This outpouring of affection sets a new low for affection. People love Windows 7 not so much for what it is so much as for what it isn’t,” Coursey writes. “Loving Windows 7 is a bit like the good feeling you receive when the beatings finally stop.”

Coursey writes, “The Windows 7 beta process wasn’t a real search for customer feedback so much a cleverly organized extended marketing test… Being better by comparison to Windows Vista hardly makes it a great one. The world would have much more respect for Microsoft if it was honest in promoting Windows 7. We can take the truth, but can Microsoft?”

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Randall C. Kennedy reports for InfoWorld, “Those of us who actively participated in the [Windows 7] beta process — either officially, as part of the formal beta program, or unofficially by grabbing and testing every wayward build leak — know the real story.”

“For example, we know that, despite Microsoft’s feel-good message about customer input, the truth is that Windows 7 was created largely through a hermetically sealed development process driven by Stephen Sinofsky and a select group of his closest advisers,” Kennedy reports. “We also know that major design decisions — like the new task bar — were finalized months, if not years, before the first milestone builds leaked. And we know that, despite a massive public beta program, virtually nothing in the OS changed from the time it was first made available in January until the final bits were frozen in July.”

Kennedy reports, “The truth is that Microsoft’s entire marketing campaign for Windows 7 is predicated on a lie.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Banking on ignorance since 1975.


  1. After viewing the “Made by me!” commercials I need to tell someone at Microsoft that there is a difference between “cool” nerds and the kind you wouldn’t sit next to an public transportation. Not knowing what “cool” looks like, Microsoft opted for the latter in their “Made by me!” commercials. Nice going…clueless as usual.

  2. @ shen

    Silly, silly one. If you like Apple, then marketing has affected you. Ever drink Coke? or Pepsi? Which do you prefer? Bottom line, it’s people like me who tell you what you want to like. It’s what defines you. Thanks for your business, A$$hole.

  3. Oh…Wait! Even better…forget Coke and Pepsi, thats the small potatoes! Lets try real marketing, how bout’ Conservatives VS. Libs. Theres a marketing story for ya!

    How bout Home Depot VS. Lowes. How bout Ford VS. Chrysler, or Toyota?

    Or what about Christian VS Muslim?

    Its called Marketing. You are the target, and have been for centuries.

    Learn to think for yourself, dont tow the line.

  4. True, Windoze 7 is not “made by me” … but keep in mind, Justin Long isn’t really a Mac, and John Hodgeman isn’t really a PC.

    Most people know ads are staged. The effect is intended to be subliminal. Even if your intellect tells you it’s fiction, the message gets into your subconscious, That’s what ‘style’ is about. It’s not what you say, but how you say it (One reason italics are effective).

    The question you have to ask yourself is this; If you were an ad agency trying to sell Windows, how would you do it?

    Sad as it seems, there are actually people earning their livings working for Microsoft and their various contractors. Until Apple is big enough to support everyone in the tech industry, others will continue producing and selling (or trying to sell) their products.

  5. I work at an Apple store. Last year, I helped a Microsoft employee purchase a Mac Pro. Naturally, I wanted to discuss the irony of the situation, and he replied, “My friend, I work for the largest software company on the planet. I know computers, and I know what’s good and what isn’t.”

    Makes me wonder about the rest of the company. It explains a lot, honestly… such as why Microsoft doesn’t seem concerned with starting from scratch, creating a fantastic OS, and maybe exploring a different business model… they feel they can just rely on their dominance and marketing, and focus on other things. R&D;isn’t as important to them as it is to Apple, it’s all about the cold, hard cash. Apple has always been about quality, quality, quality… and I think it’s only a matter of time before the mass market begin to realize it.

  6. Are you OK? Off your meds, are you? Never, never, NEVER assume (emphasis on the “ass”) that you have EVER told me or any other person what to like.

    Only mindless droids still think that McDonald’s makes the best hamburgers or Microsoft the best OS . . . and no amount of hocus-pocus from shills like you will ever convince true cognoscenti otherwise. You may “suggest” what we should try out, yes, but the decision to actually try a product always remains ours.

    Get over yourself, you pompous ass. You are not the Messiah leading us to the promised land. (Someone else has that job right now in Washington, DC.)

    Time for your evening pill cup now.


    Marketing is not as influential as you make it seem. I like Coke because it tastes better, not because of some marketing campaign.

    In a Pepsi vs. Coke challenge, I won some Tums. So what? I still don’t know which drink was which, but I still like Coke better.

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