Computerworld reviews Apple’s new 27-inch iMac: ‘Stunning’

Apple Store“Apple’s new 27-in. iMac can be described in one word: stunning,” Ken Mingis reports for Computerworld.

“Don’t take my word for it. That’s based on the cluster of techie-types and graphic designers who popped into my office last week to get a gander at the newest all-in-one Mac from Apple,” Mingis reports. “Yes, it comes with more processing power and the sleek new Magic Mouse, which several people tried out to mixed reviews. (I love it; others found it a little heavy.) But mostly, it was the super-high-resolution screen that drew people in.”

“That screen, the largest LED-backlit computer display out there for now, offers a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels for a true 16×9 aspect ratio,” Mingis reports. “That’s 90% of the screen real estate you’d get from Apple’s gargantuan 30-in. Cinema Display and it’s perfect for viewing high-definition (HD) content. Judging from the coos of approval I heard when I fired up some HD movie trailers for the huddled masses, this iMac should sell well.”

Mingis reports, “Apple’s flagship iMac comes in a variety of flavors and two sizes, with the $1,699 model I’ve been using being the sweet spot. It offers the most value for the price and could spur desktop sales. In recent years, more and more Mac buyers — including me — have opted for Apple’s popular line of laptops. Desktops, in some ways, have fallen out of favor, given the prevalence of wireless connections and the public’s desire for mobility.”

Mingis reports, “But with an absolutely stunning screen, a lot of under-the-hood performance improvements, the wireless keyboard and the new mouse, and flexibility that makes it fit in at work or at home, this new iMac could lead to a resurgence in desktop sales for Apple.”

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  1. Just as a trivia..what “iMac” does Ivy, Jobs etc use in their daily work or at home? Do they have some uber super duper iMac-puters and XXX” Cinema Displays or what? What about under the hood, intel’s VIP^1000000 processors?

  2. Wondering if quad core will always be faster than dual core or do applications have to be written to take advantage of the extra cores. I need a new iMac by the 18th of nov…..don’t think we’ll have comparison tests before then??

  3. Hmmmm.

    From what I understand, the lack of a front bus on the i5 and i7 makes them faster than Core 2 Duos. The single htread over-clocking can push that much more. The low-end estimates are 20% to 50%, while some are quoting 250%. I would be very surprised if more than 50% holds up. . . . Surprised and very pleased, as I have an i7 on order.

  4. I have a 24″ that I bought in April. I am still delighted with it and don’t feel the need to upgrade at all. I kind of prefer the 16:10 screen ratio over the 16:9. And the speed bump is negligable unless you spend for the i7. For my purposes, I’d just get a Pro if I was going to spend 3k or so.

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