Apple: ‘The holiday lineup is set’ for 2009

Phil Schiller has told Gizmodo’s Brian Lam that there are not going to be any new Apple products this year, Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo.

In an update, Diaz reports, “Interesting, after reading this, Apple called and said that the actual quote is ‘The holiday lineup is set.’ Weird.”

Diaz reports, “As far as I know, if ‘the holiday lineup is set,’ then there would not be any new products in 2010 [sic: We think we meant “2009” or “until 2010″], right? So what does this exactly mean?”

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  1. “”Diaz reports, “As far as I know, if ‘the holiday lineup is set,’ then there would not be any new products in 2010, right? “”

    Okay, one of us is seriously misunderstanding this. Maybe it’s me, but…

    He knows “the holidays” are referring to the end of THIS year (2009), right?

    He knows that just because Apple isn’t releasing something December 31st, 2009, doesn’t mean that there are not 365 days in the year 2010 available for releasing a new product, right?

    …or perhaps I’m missing something?

  2. It means Steve reads Mac Daily News, He knows that we know new MacBookPros are imminent, and he doesn’t want us to wait!

    Apple knows peeps wait for all products from them, He is just saying there is CURRENTLY NO REASON TO WAIT!!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!!!

  3. The only possible misinterpretation I can get out of this is the use of the British meaning for “holiday”, which to us Americans is “vacation”. But how this works into a vacation schedule is beyond me. Maybe Mr. Diaz is looking for some hits?

  4. There haven’t been any new Apple products since the MacBook Air. So technically the original quote doesn’t mean much.

    And unlike M$, who’s been trying to slurp Giz’s knob at every possible point, Apple isn’t interested in using tech press to spam the interwebs with vapor 2 years before their shipping products in an attempt to stall everyone else’s innovation. They’re more interested in getting it right, even with Gizmodo.

  5. It means . . .

    1. There will not be any updates to existing products. Go ahead and buy existing products, they will not be obsolete by Christmas. We can, for example, still introduce an iTablet.

    2. We can still introduce or update something that only business users will be interested. (not for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kuanza gifts.)
    Such as errrrrrrrrrr . . . . . . . servers?

  6. I take it to mean the same sort of thing Jon does: the “holiday lineup” refers to the consumer-level products, the ones that experience the most profound sales bounce during the holiday gift-giving season (iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, minis, etc.). Those are now set. The pro-level stuff, the things professionals (& rich people) need/want and buy year-round and which sell more steadily year-round (Mac Pros, server stuff, arguably MacBook Pros, etc.) are not necessarily set.

  7. What a dumb shit. All this means is that you won’t see new product intros until January. Duh. This is the same Brian Lam who got pwnd by Microsoft with their fake demo of a supposed smart book. Lam blew his load in his trousers and stated that it exists. BS. It was just a Silverlight animation, nothing more.

    And we read this frigtard’s drivel? Please folks, DO NOT click on thie link above. Lam is an idiot. If I were an airline, I would refuse to allow him to issue him a knife and fork with his meal…

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