Apple close to raising red curtain on 4th Manhattan retail store

“While it was confirmed several months ago that Apple would open a fourth Manhattan retail store on the Upper West Side, the company appears to be just days away from taking the wraps off the somewhat secretive project,” David Carnoy reports for CNET.

“Located on the northwest corner of Broadway and 67th Street just up from Lincoln Center and The Julliard [sic] School, the new Apple Store, after over a year of construction, was recently embellished with an Apple logo and the words, ‘Opening soon,'” Carnoy reports.

“In dramatic fashion, Apple also has an image of a giant red curtain covering the entire front of the structure, which is made of glass and covered in plastic,” Carnoy reports.

Read more in the full article, which includes a rendering of the finished store’s exterior, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Jobs has already pointed to Google’s “expensive” stock in saying that he sees no need for it. And he’s right.

    Stock splits are absolutely meaningless. If the stock is $200 and you have $4,000 to spend, you can “only” buy 20 shares. If the stock splits and the price is now $100 you can buy 40 shares. If it splits to $50 you can buy 80 shares. But so what? They are all worth $4,000. There is no requirement that shares be bought in blocks of 100.

    The only time a stock split actually accomplishes something useful is when a company that is trading below $1/share does a reverse split to get their share price above $1 and thereby avoids being delisted.

  2. Stock splits really don’t mean anything like Eric Schmidts long lost twin says.

    Companies do it to increase the number of shares in the marketplace, which Apple has plenty of. While generally an indicator of future optimism, splits generally tend to make a stock somewhat more volatile.

    In the olde days it generally was required to buy stocks in lots of 100 from brokers, which splitting a stock made more affordable for smaller investors. Not really a big deal now to buy stock in smaller lots so it really doesn’t have the effect it once did.

  3. Stocks don’t normally split one for one. Apple’s past splits have all been 2 for 1 so if you own 2 after the split you own 3. This in effect drops the price by one third. So if the stock is valued at say $200.00 after the split the stock is valued at $133.33 but, typically the price then drops to 10% to 15% before rebounding to the $130 range.

    Growth companies such as AAPL find that the short term negative impact of a stock split can effect long term investor interests. That said, a stock split followed by a big Company buy back of a third of the outstanding shares can boost the price back to per split prices and beyond as long as the long term growth and profitability continues.

    Every year for the past years that Microsoft’s stock as been falling Microsoft has done large share buy backs and their stock price continues to slide. Long term trends in stock price decreases are typical of huge companies that are floundering with no or little corporate vision and direction. Microsoft as no clear vision on it’s future that shareholders can rally round and get excited about. The decrease in Microsoft’s stock values will continue as long as the Company doesn’t demonstrate a clear vision in it’s direction that appeals to the investors. Microsoft just wanting to move to an internet advertising company without a demonstrated clear vision other then flush money down the drain and following Apple and Google while flushing even more money down the drain is not a vision that investors are pleased with.

    Apple’s Vision on the other hand is very clear to investors, the only thing nagging at investors and thus hold Apple’s share price in the $200 range right now is what is Apple’s plan for all the Cash that they are building up and what are they planning on doing with. The Cash is burning a hole in investors pockets while Apple is very happy with letting it build up.

    Expect the unexpected when it comes to what Apple is planning for all of that cash they are building up. Because Apple does have a plan and I think some journalist types will consider that plan a bit evil once it’s made public while, investors will see it as a great move. If you’re still on the sidelines with owning AAPL and didn’t have the brains to jump in at under $100.00 in the resent market crash it’s still not too late it’s just going to cost you more to play now.

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