Scoble: 85,000 reasons why Apple’s iPhone isn’t going to be disrupted

Apple Online Store “Now that Apple has apps the world has changed and challengers to the iPhone will find it very tough,” Robert Scoble writes for Scobleizer.

“Here’s why: everyone is using a different set of 20 apps. Trillions of combinations,” Scoble writes. “So, to get me off of the iPhone you are going to have to duplicate all my apps.”

Scoble writes, “Let’s say that a Chinese manufacturer ships an Android phone that makes me hot and bothered. Something, say, that’s half the thickness of the iPhone, has a screen that’s sharper, and the battery lasts twice as long, oh, and let’s just say it costs $50 less than buying an iPhone. Would it get me to switch away from my iPhone? Probably not, truth be told… I’m not going to be switching anytime soon, and neither are you.”

It’s all about the apps, Scoble explains in his full article here.


  1. This pretty much “hits the nail on the head”. The ONLY reason to NOT buy an iPhone is:

    a) You don’t live in an area with good/any AT&T;coverage
    b) You get your cell phone from your company who is with another carrier
    c) You can’t afford AT&T;’s rates (or prefer lower rates from others).

    Otherwise, there really isn’t a choice.

  2. He makes a good point for the consumer point-of-view. Also, Apple makes developing apps easier. The big software app companies will likely support a variety of phone platforms, but smaller developers will only do so if it’s really easy… and then because of constraints, prioritize based on market share, which bodes well for Apple. That first mover advantage creates a snow ball effect. (I actually call it “first winner” advantage… because there’s usually an early loser like WinMo.)

    That being said, if iPhone competitors lured the top 200 apps over to their platform, that may work for a good chunk of *casual* app users. I know many iPhone owners who don’t use a lot of apps… but you’d be hard pressed to get them to switch unless the base functionality could match the iPhone.

  3. At one time, the Mac could not get past the Windows only programs in the offices. (No longer) And there were all those Windows only games. (No longer)

    Now it is about all those thousands of apps in your mobile device. So, where is the killer app that will turn the people away from the 85,000 apps on their iPhone and iPod touch (and soon their Mac tablet).

  4. @MacMan
    I live over 2,500 miles away from AT&T;coverage and I have an iPhone and it works great here mate ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. For a product line not three years old, Apple’s iPhone has proven to be slick and “sticky” at the same time. Once exposed to it, folks “stick” to iPhone. I’ve only got the iPod touch, and can hardly imagine going to a competitive product. Not that there IS a competitive product…

  6. I’ve also been able to use MMS here on O2 since the launch of the iPhone 3G but that’s another conversation ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


    Says there are only 85000 reasons Apple’s iPhone won’t be disrupted! There are over 85232.4 reasons!

    This is why this loser couldn’t even hold his job down at beleaguered Microsoft!

    Epic Fail!

    You guys blast him with e-mail, let him know how wrong he is!

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