Computerworld holds Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 deathmatch: Mac OS X Snow Leopard wins

Apple Store“Windows 7 was built to fix the problems that plagued Vista, and it unquestionably succeeds in doing that. It’s a bit less bloated, and it runs a bit faster. The annoying security alerts from User Account Control have been quieted. And the compatibility issues with third-party software and hardware device drivers have largely been ironed away; after all, it’s been two and a half years since Vista debuted. Windows 7 even includes a virtual ‘XP mode’ for running legacy programs,” Curtis Franklin Jr. reports for Computerworld.

“Windows 7 goes a few steps beyond merely repairing Vista. It borrows –and improves on — tricks from the Mac’s playbook to make it easier and faster to organize files and launch programs. Like Apple’s operating system, Windows 7 not only looks good, but it has tools and shortcuts that help you work more efficiently,” Franklin Jr. reports.

“Still, once you’ve had Mac, can you ever go back? Mac OS X Leopard received rave reviews for good reason, and Snow Leopard further improved OS X. Although the changes to the GUI are minimal (why mess with success?), there are important improvements under the hood,” Franklin Jr. reports.

Franklin Jr. reports, “After spending a few weeks with both new operating systems and exposing each to my geek’s gauntlet of everyday tasks — e-mail, instant messaging, Web surfing, blogging, creating and editing Office documents, Web page creation, and audio, video, and photo editing — I have to call Snow Leopard the winner. All considered, from starting up to backing up, Mac OS X still offers the best overall user experience.”

Find out how Computerworld’s Curtis Franklin Jr. believes Windows 7 and Snow Leopard compare in usability, features, security, and speed here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Can Windows 7 claim a “complete hardware/software solution”?
    Does any Windows user look at “long-term return on investment”, which includes time, compatibility, and the dreaded security measures, the figiting, the worry, the uncertainty, etc…??

  2. A lot of Apple fans are sticking their heads in the sand right now Im afraid. Its not about the fact that OS X is still better. Its about OS X being only a “LITTLE” better now. This IS the perception whether you want to believe it or not. Apple no longer has the huge lead it once did. Apple would be very careful to not over estimate M$ at this point. When their back is against the wall is when they are the most dangerous.

    Apple needs to be absolutely revolutionary with their next offering or be seen as getting beat TWICE by M$.

  3. What a load of rubbish. I don’t care if he gave the eventual win to Snow Leopard, in the article Windows 7 wins far more categories than it should.

    For instance, he is overjoyed that you are able to pin folders to the task bar! …kinda like how we’ve been able to drag them to the dock for years now.

    Security is ‘a draw’ (wtf?!), and he says that he is very impressed with the amount of updates and patches for Windows 7 in comparison with Snow Leopard… because Windows actually needs them.

    But by far the biggest tell-tale sign he doesn’t know what he’s talking about is the fact that he runs anti-virus software on Snow Leopard. …Why? There’s no need for it! 8 years and counting without such software, and do I have a single virus? Do I hell.

    …Rant over.

  4. @ Alex. I agree with you, but like i said earlier, its all about perception. If Apple gets a black eye over this (and I think it will), it may be very difficult for Apple to gain mindshare in the future. We all know its better, but what about Joe Bag of Donuts? There still exists a lot of misinformation about Macs, now you have Win 7 that is getting raves….not good at all.

  5. The real point is that most of technology’s first adopters and the industry’s main influencers have already switched back to Macs. Microsoft can come out with whatever they want and most of us won’t care. Now if they can somehow demonstrate leadership repeatedly over a decade of time then, perhaps, we’ll take notice once again…but that’d harder than you’d think and would be a first for a huge company that historically buys (and steals) its IP.

  6. Dude it’s Microsoft these are the same people who made a habit of screwing up and causing us to lose data. It wan’t originally of Microsoft creation it like a Mac OS X Carbon Copy!

  7. “first adopters and the industry’s main influencers have already switched “

    Who are they? I agree that todays generation is more Apple savvy than the past, but mindshare is a powerful thing. Here is an example.

    The other day I’m sitting in a bar with my MBP working with a client. I literally had 2 people come up to me and scoff about how “Crapple sucks and Win 7 rules.” Yes they were fanbois. But they said it right in front of my client that knows no different. I wonder what what going through his mind about Apple at that moment.

    All I’m trying to say is that a vocal majority CAN cause grief for Apple. Lets wait a year and see. Hopefully Win 7 will prove to be just like the rest, but if not, what are Apples competitive advantages then?

  8. Microsoft will NEVER get past the BIGGEST deal breaker(s) for most… VIRUS’S, MALWARE, TROJANS and RUNNING ANTIVIRUS… Anyone who has had their computer taken over, bank accounts compromised will NEVER buy a MS piece of crap EVER again. Once bitten, twice shy… PERIOD!

  9. Never get past the biggest deal breakers?! They have 90% of the market! Lets just say, what happens if Win 7 proves to be fairly secure? Then what? Gotta stop looking backwards and have contingencies in place just in case M$ gets it right, thats all Im saying.

  10. The real question would be: How long before Apple is the only real mainstream alternative? I have a theory that most P.C. box assemblers are secretly working at a feverish pitch to come up with their own solutions be it Linux or some other flavor of *nix… it seems the ONLY solution to breaking the stranglehold of MS… That is if they want to remain in existence and be relevant in the future. Unless MS can rewrite the entire OS around a secure platform the defectors will continue at a slow pace, which suits Apple just fine… Nothing like having to ramp up production at an unsustainable pace…

    MS windows as we know will NEVER be secure, it has something to do with the REGISTRY (which links files unnecessarily to each other) which leaves ports open to attack. They will have to rewrite the entire OS, how long do you think it will take? It took Apple MANY years (5 years minimum) to accomplish this…
    Who’s missing the point? Certainly not me…

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