Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch parties prove to be complete and utter failures

Apple Store“The Windows 7 launch party concept and Microsoft’s attempts at igniting hoopla at a grassroots level demonstrate an attempt to hedge its bets and have its cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, nobody was having any cake at Windows 7 launch parties,” Tony Bradley reports for PC World. “PC World’s Rick Broida got so little response to his own Windows 7 launch party invites that he simply canceled the event.”

“Remember high school–cool kids went to parties and had fun while nerds hung out at math club and played Dungeons and Dragons? Well, the two don’t mix,” Bradley writes. “Hosting a party where you play Dungeons and Dragons or discuss algebraic functions doesn’t make you cool just because you put the word ‘party’ on it.”

“Microsoft has had many failed attempts at being hip and cool. Microsoft Bob. The Office paperclip character. The Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld ads that seemed to require some sort of psychotropic mind enhancement in order for them to make sense,” Bradley writes. “It just doesn’t work.”

Bradley writes, “Apple is cool. I don’t agree with the premise of many of the Apple ‘I’m a Mac’ ads, but I almost always find them entertaining and compelling. Apple didn’t waste any time coming out with a new series of the ‘I’m a Mac’ ads targeting Windows 7 too.”

Bradley writes, “Let’s face it, the Windows 7 launch party concept was a complete and utter failure.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It was also completely and utterly predictable. You’d have to be as delusional as Ballmer T. Clown to think such a thing would work.


  1. Who here thinks this was a surprise. Windows people don’t give a sh*t about their OS. Why would they want to get together to talk about it at a party?
    Its a tool for them, nothing more.
    Anyone who says otherwise is full of crap.

  2. If there had been a ‘party’ within several hundred miles of me, I would have gone just to show my Macbook Pro to the people excited about 7 and watch their jealous reactions.

    “You mean… It doesn’t crash every 20 minutes?”

  3. My Windows 7 launch party was amazing. I had chex mix lable as bits and chips. Pin the usb on the port. Rectangle cookies in the shape and color of a Zune. I even dressed up as the huge paper clip and my wife for the Bob happy face.

    We had a blast … just the two of us. I still don’t get why no one else dropped in.

  4. Ballmer is mired in his own B-ll sh-t. It’s up over his head but he can’t smell the stench because he’s sweating too much. He might try standing on a chair instead of throwing it.

  5. I just watched one of the windows 7 launch party videos where they explained how to burn a CD. It’s freaking hilarious… 11 steps to burn a CD. ELEVEN STEPS.

    “”First I just find the genre of burnable things. I click on that. Then, of course, I narrow down the categories of things to burn and click it. Then I find what I want to burn, then I click on it again, and then I tell it I want to burn it. Then I confirm that I want to burn it. Then I pick a name. Click. Click to confirm. Then I select where I want to burn it. I confirm that. Then I choose Audio, of course. Then I confirm burning an Audio CD. Then I confirm the name of what I want to burn. Then I confirm that I’m finished, and then viola! It’s burns the CD. It’s just that easy!”

    Please dear God, keep Steve Balmer in charge of MS for as long as he lives… Amen!

  6. We had a Windows 7-11 party.
    The Coke was flat, the coffee weak and the popcorn stale,
    plus we never knew if there really was a cop behind the the two-way mirror…

  7. I “hosted” a party for a free copy of Windows 7. I am certain that the majority of “hosts” did it for the same reasons as me.

    (Posted from my MacBook Pro)

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