Gizmodo reviews Apple’s new 27-inch iMac: Astounding screen makes a powerful picture

Apple Store“In the 10+ years since the iMac was born as Apple’s simple computer, it’s become visibly less of a computer and more of a display. And what a screen this new iMac has,” Brian Lam reports for Gizmodo.

“It is practically as bright (and more contrasty) than any of the previous iMacs—even Cinema Displays—and it looks astounding. It’s LED-driven so it comes to full luminescence immediately and takes up less power. It also has better side-to-side viewing angle as an IPS tech monitor; like the iMac 24 before it, it goes 178 degrees without much change in color accuracy or brightness. And here’s the kicker: Although it has 19% more area of LCD than the old 24-incher, it has an astounding 60% more pixels. That makes it more pixel dense than any of the Cinema Displays at 109ppi. And with a 2560×1440 resolution it has 90% of the dot count of a 30-inch cinema display. All these stats are great. They sound great, and they make for a powerful picture,” Lam reports.

Lam reports, “The iMac I’m testing is a 3.06GHz Core2Duo processor with 4GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon 4670 graphics. Those are decent parts but not the highest-end quad-core i5/i7 chips or ATI Radeon 4850 GPU that will ship in iMacs in November. More importantly, the machine I have here that is shipping now is about on par with higher-end, custom-order machines from the last generation.”

Much more in the full review here.


  1. @ Mark – You mean this paragraph?

    I will feel guilty for mentioning this, because it’s ever so slight, but I’ll feel more guilty if I don’t mentioning it to you: The screen, when it’s white, has the tiniest bit of blotchiness to it. The backlighting is slightly uneven in my model. It had no impact on viewing quality once the screen was filled with an image other than one of pure white, so don’t sweat it.

    Seems you misrepresented what he had to say there.

  2. Actually, lighting uniformity is extremely difficult to achieve on LED-backlit displays. The good news is, the discrepancies generally aren’t noticeable under normal usage conditions.

  3. I just bought and set up my new 27″ iMac. It will blow your mind, how beautiful the display looks when the startup ‘Welcome” presentation in all the languages of the world starts playing. Just beautiful. It mowed me down.

  4. I have this iMac and it does show some very light gray blotchiness in the lower quarter of the screen on the white start up part. Once it gets past the white screen, the blotchiness disappears. I was unable to see it at any other times (and I tried). The display is absolutely gorgeous. I do end up using the magnification a lot because web page text gets smaller with all those extra pixels.

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