Apple sexes up Time Capsule and Airport Extreme

Apple Online Store“Apple has updated its Time Capsule and Airport Extreme Router products with an improved antenna leading to a 60 percent performance boost with Snow Leopard,” Chris Mellor reports for The Register.

“The Airport Extreme now features ‘a technology called multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) to transmit multiple data streams simultaneously… Improvements in antenna design give you up to 50 percent better performance and up to 25 per cent better range than with the previous-generation AirPort Extreme Base Station,'” Mellor reports.

Mellor reports, “Time Capsule has an Airport Extreme router packaged inside it, and has backup data sent to it from wireless-connected Macs.”

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  1. Apple Time Capsules go belly up after 18 months, and Apple won’t replace them unless you have AppleCare. My TC died two weeks ago. The TC memorial web site,, has registered over 500 TC’s since it went up earlier this month. I brought this issue to MDN’s attention, but he ignored it, despite being covered by engadget, cnet and TUAW. Stay away from the TC until it gets proper ventilation or you will have a paperweight on your hands after a year and a half.

  2. If Apple didn’t drag people kicking and screaming, we’d still be using floppies. With AAPL, getting screwed by updates every 2 months is part of the price of admission. I’m surprised M$’s retarded ad campaigns haven’t spun it as part of the “Apple Tax”.

  3. I believe the article is incorrect in claiming “The Airport Extreme now features ‘a technology called multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)…”

    the previous version of the AP Extreme also used MIMO, just that it was in a 2×2 configuration, whereas this new one is 3×3


  4. People who don’t want to buy Applecare would be wise to use an American Express card to buy their products. It will double the warranty, up to three years. For gods sake people, use your brains. I’ve have a three year old airport and it works just fine but I don’t expect it to last for ever.

  5. This looks like a great upgrade!

    I bought an Airport Extreme a couple of years ago. A month later Apple upgraded the Ethernet ports to gigabit. Oh well. technology marches onward.

    @MacAdvocate. Apple upgrades every 9 months to a year, not every 2 months. You just have to learn to time your purchases correctly or keep an ample supply of hankies around.

    MS would NEVER bring up the fact that Apple is constantly abandoning old technologies and replacing it with new.

    Parallel and VGA ports in 2009 anyone? For MS, the answer is YES!

  6. @Igads

    You are an idiot. A hard drive should last longer than a year under normal wear and tear. As TC is used for back up, I would have hoped Apple would have extensively tested this design and all components involved.

  7. @iGads

    I’m curious to hear how Apple handles a warranty repair with an extended credit card warranty vs. AppleCare. I seriously doubt you’d get the same turnaround time.

    For me, AppleCare is a tax write-off, but I’ve also been very pleased and satisfied with the AppleCare repairs I’ve had done.

  8. You’d have to not care about your data to use a Time Capsule. These things are dying at a phenomenal rate. Apple’s support forums are stuffed to the gills with complaints over dying TC’s at 18 months. People are losing tons of data with these things. They seem to be overheating pretty bad. A very poor design.

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