Microsoft and Burger King promote Vista service pack, er, ‘Windows 7’ with a seven-patty Whopper

Microsoft has partnered with Burger King in Japan to promote their Vista service pack, er, “Windows 7” with a seven-patty Whopper hamburger costing ¥777 (US$8.50).

The burger is approximately 12.5 cm (5″) tall:

MacDailyNews Take: One bloated puke-inducing heart attack-in-a-box deserves another.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Eric L.” for the heads up.]


  1. That is so gross!! What happens when a vegetarian or vegan Windows user sees that pic? (if there are any) Do they immediately switch to one of (vegetarian) Steve Job’s Apple Macs?

  2. It fits. Windows 7 full of blood gurgling arteries chocking crap. Just like these fast food burgers. All that crap just ends up on your ass… oh yeah great tie in with the MS Big Ass Table. LOL

  3. Windows 7: More is more.

    Windows 7: Seven layers of GUI.

    Windows 7: The last OS you will ever need. (you’ll be dead)

    Windows 7: The sick sense.

    And for the in-show sponsorship should they land “The Simpsons”…
    Mmmmm, Windows 7… alahglhaglhgalhgl….

  4. I got this off my prototype Time Capsule, from Dec 7, 2009.

    Dec 7, 2009 (AP)

    Today the Center For Disease Control announced an unexplained spike in STD cases for the month of November. Christie Crotchrot, spokesperson for the CDC, said “It really is a mystery why November registered so many cases when usually that month is one of the quietest of the year. We think there was some event that brought so many virus-infected people together during the prior month, but we’re unsure of what that may have been. We’re still looking into it.”

    In a possibly related issue, the CDC also said it has detected a sharp rise in the number of cases of anger-induced depression which began at about the same time as the increase in STD cases. Ms. Crotchrot commented, “If these two events actually are related then we may have something to go on, as it seems that the event that brought these people together either attracted those with a pre-condition of depression or the event itself caused it.”

    In other news, Microsoft reported that the number of people attending their sponsored Windows 7 parties throughout the country on October 21 exceeded all their expectations. This reporter has been trying to contact some of the participants in these parties for an interview but for some unexplained reason, all contacted so far seem to be on sick leave.

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