Why do iPhone users choose McDonald’s over Pizza Hut?

Apple Store“You can tell a lot about people by tracking their mobile Web searches–like the fact that BlackBerry users like to hunt for low gas prices and iPhone users are Starbucks addicts,” Elizabeth Woyke reports for Forbes.

“Boston start-up uLocate Communications says BlackBerry users are more likely to compare gas prices online than other smart-phone owners. IPhone users, meanwhile, are eight times more likely to search for Starbucks locations than users of other smart phones, according to uLocate,” Woyke reports. “The data stems from uLocate’s location-based services platform, called ‘WHERE.'”

“ULocate says that iPhone and Android users tend to search for Wal-Mart, while BlackBerry and Pre users favor Best Buy, a more expensive store,” Woyke reports. “Dan Gilmartin, uLocate’s vice president of marketing, says the data could point to BlackBerry and Pre users being slightly older than iPhone and Android users.”

MacDailyNews Take: You can also actually find a multitude of iPhone accessories (and even the iPhone itself) in Wal-Mart; not so much (if at all?) for BlackBerry and Pre. Besides a carrier’s shop, Best Buy would be the App-Lacker’s™ best chance to find at least one of their grand total of 3 accessories from which to “choose.”

Woyke continues, “Other findings are more mysterious, like the fact that Android and Pre users search for Pizza Hut when looking for a quick bite to eat, while iPhone and BlackBerry users prefer McDonald’s… The iPhone-McDonald’s bond could be related to the prevalence of wi-fi in McDonald’s restaurants. The same goes for Starbucks. AT&T gives iPhone users free wi-fi access at the coffee chain.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, not really mysterious at all.

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  1. This is by design! iPhone agents are clandestinely infiltrating Walmarts & Starbucks around the globe by the tens of thousands each day…slowly dropping of small “deliveries” where the Maps app tells them to. Once all the “deliveries” are deployed Steve-O will give the signal and all the Walmarts and Starbucks, along with all the useless hordes who frequent them, will turn to dust and…Yippee!! More room on this rock for the rest of us!

  2. Isn’t that also assuming that all iPhone users use the Where app? I downloaded it a while back, tried it out, and have since deleted it. It didn’t do it for me. I use Apple’s Maps app. Does that track user data?

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