Hands-on videos: Apple’s new iMac, MacBook, and Multi-Touch™  Magic Mouse

“Apple took the wraps off a swishy new mouse and a few new computers yesterday, and while we’re off out to see them later to bring you our verdict, our colonial cousins at Crave US have had their hands on them already,” Nick Hide reports for Crave at CNET UK.

First up, Justin Yu gives his first impression of Apple’s new Magic Mouse, which allows iPhone-style gesture controls:

Next, Dan Ackerman talks us through the new white polycarbonate MacBook, which has an LED backlight and ‘unibody’ construction:

Finally, Rich Brown introduces the 27-inch iMac, which now has an SD card slot:

Source: CNET UK


  1. I was thinking that the mouse wouldn’t do too well in reviews. I was hoping it would, but the same reasons I thought about, they mentioned. It’s not easy to use…

    Another ‘hockey puck’ from 1997…

  2. When I heard about the mouse yesterday, the first problem I thought of was keeping it still when swiping but slick enough to move it around easily. I could see a fast swipe knocking it to the floor.

  3. What’s with Scrappy, Scrappy Doo, Scrappy Doo-Doo? What happened to some class while showing off classy products?! They make the equipment look less appealing because, well, they’re not all that appealing. Ahh, that’s right, they’re forming opinions not selling the merchandise. Ok, never mind. Nothing to see here, move along.

  4. Looks good to me! It’s C-Net after all, what did you expect, a good review of an Apple product?

    The guy doesn’t know how to hold a mouse. You’re supposed to grip it with your thumb when you swipe. He’s used to the huge blob of clay mouse. That’s why he’s not able to hang on when he swipes.

    Small mice are where it’s at.

    I predict, like all of Apple’s input innovations (the trackpad was copied by all PC makers, laptop keyboards close to screen copied by all PC makers, laser mouse copied by all PC makers) this one will eventually be copied as well if PC/Windows ever get touch working…

    Apple is building the future here. There will always be resistance at first.

  5. This is ok compared to what CNN is doing. Anybody watching? They are going ga ga over the launch of Windows 7 tomorrow.

    Between their fawning over M’soft and Obama, there’s not much else they are doing.

    MDN: how about one of those email addresses to some CNN honcho so we can complain to someone who matters about their obsession for inferior computers, operating systems, and presidents?

  6. …”obsession for inferior computers, operating systems, and presidents?”

    They weren’t any less obsessed with the previous presidents. It kind of makes sense, since it is the president of the US (the most influential country of the world). People who watch the news tend to wanna know what he does and says.

  7. anthony007,

    Theoretically it may be possible. Practically, I can’t imagine any hardware maker wanting to make and sell such adapters. There are plenty of USB to CF adapters out there, made by many companies, from Belking to no-name Chinese brands. A CF to SD adapter would only be interesting for Mac users, and even they would probably rather buy the USB to CF version, since it’s already widely available. The addressable market is so small, the device would have to be much more expensive than the USB to CF, which can be used by PC people as well.

    So, most likely, CF to SD ain’t happening, and even if it is, it will be much more expensive than USB to CF.

  8. I thought Apple would have designed it so it was more resestant to slipping when using the multi touch. Doesn’t mean I won’t get it, it just means I need to try it for myself first.

    No side buttons?!?!? I didn’t think about that.

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