Gizmodo reviews Apple’s Multi-Touch™ Magic Mouse: ‘The best mouse Apple has ever made’

“The Magic Mouse is undoubtedly the best mouse Apple’s made in years. They’ve taken their knowledge in trackpad finger gestures and one-piece manufacturing and made this delicate, yet sturdy, bridge-shaped mouse. The question is how it compares to other mice,” Jason Chen reports for Gizmodo.

“Even though there’s no clear delineation between right and left buttons on the mouse itself, the Magic Mouse knows to interpret a click on the left or right half appropriately (though right click needs to be activated from inside System Preferences before you can use it),” Chen reports.

“The Magic Mouse is a very, very pretty mouse—something you wouldn’t feel like you had to hide when not in use—and looks different enough from other mice that people will ask who made it, before awkwardly mumbling a nevermind as they spot the grey Apple logo,” Chen reports. “Compared to ergonomic mice, the Magic Mouse is really low and aerodynamic, which means it doesn’t contour to your hand and doesn’t give the sensation that the mouse is a part of your hand.”

“Is this the best mouse Apple has ever made Yeah, it is,” Chen reports. “The Magic Mouse is much better than the Mighty Mouse, which [some] people hated, and might actually be good enough that non-Mac users might want to pick it up as well, supposing that they don’t really care about ergonomics. Since it fills the gap between a tiny travel mouse and a full sized desktop mouse, the Magic is in a good position to grab users on both ends.”

Read the full review – recommended – here.


  1. Considering Apple’s atrocious reputation with mice, that’s not exactly a tall order to fill.

    I love how the most glaring con is:

    “Not very ergonomic”

    LOL, but it sure looks pretty!

  2. “The best mouse Apple has ever made”

    That’s like saying that Windows 7 is the best OS that Microsoft has ever made. I’ll check it out at the Apple store but highly unlikely that it’ll beat Logitech.

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