Apple’s iTunes App Store nears 100,000 active apps

“Apple has almost reached another important psychological milestone when it comes to the App Store, a tracking website claims,” MacNN reports.

“The store is said to be nearing over 100,000 active titles, scattered across a number of different categories” MacNN reports.

“During its fourth-quarter results call, Apple cited only a figure of more than 85,000 apps; the current tally is already over 91,000, but Apple may be holding back in order to make a more dramatic announcement,” MacNN reports.

Full article, with more about the iTunes App Store category breakdown, here.

MacDailyNews Take: In related news, beleaguered Palm’s “App Catalog” hopes to approach 100 apps by the end of the decade or before the company goes out of business, whichever comes first.


  1. They may be holding the current number at 85,000 as the new “in-app” purchase capability will likely reduce the total number of apps as multiple versions of many apps will no longer be required. Just a thought.

  2. From the position of a benevolent monopoly in this market, one could congratulate Android on quite a decent number of Apps in their own Android Market (more than 10,000 at this point). For anyone who cannot (or for some bizarre reason does not want to) buy an iPhone, there is quite a decent app selection in that library. It’s not quite like Windows Mobile, but on the other hand, the user doesn’t have to suffer the excruciating pain of using WinMob. In other words, quite a decent, respectable little platform.

  3. I predict the way it is going by 2015 there will be an app for each person on earth. We will soon see external storage for the iPhone that you will have to carry in a backpack so you can do anything anywhere. But I would like to just see a listing of the 100,000 somewhere. I am totally lost at the app store can only look at the most popular lists.

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