No wonder Apple’s still studying it: Google Voice voicemails appear in public search results

“Holy crap. It seems that Google is going to have some pretty serious explaining to do this morning, as one of our readers has sent us in a tip that reveals a major security flaw involving Google Voice,” Michael Bettiol reports for The Boy Genius report.

“After entering “site:*” into Google, our reader was shocked and discouraged to be greeted by 31 voice mail messages belonging to random Google Voice accounts,” Bettiol reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it… The Google Voice application replaces Apple’s Visual Voicemail by routing calls through a separate Google Voice telephone number that stores any voicemail, preventing voicemail from being stored on the iPhone, i.e., disabling Apple’s Visual Voicemail. Similarly, SMS text messages are managed through the Google hub—replacing the iPhone’s text messaging feature. In addition, the iPhone user’s entire Contacts database is transferred to Google’s servers, and we have yet to obtain any assurances from Google that this data will only be used in appropriate ways. These factors present several new issues and questions to us that we are still pondering at this time… We are continuing to study the Google Voice application and its potential impact on the iPhone user experience.Apple Inc.


  1. It’s not just the fact that the text of the voicemails are appearing in public that creeps me out. It’s also that Google obviously intends to transcribe and store the full text of all of its users’ voicemail messages forever. I’m not comfortable with that, but I’m sure law enforcement will love it.

  2. Are any of them from Tiffany?!? Did she finally call me back!!! (Hope springs eternal, even in nerds) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. @Steev

    Well, yes, the audio does sound like “Shut the hell up, dumbass,” but as Google Voice explains, the actual comment was “she’ll tell welcome donna office.” Easy mistake to make.

    MW “slowly,” as “You need to listen more slowly.”

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