Beleaguered Motorola’s Droid ‘smartphone’ looks to take on Apple’s iPhone with ‘iDon’t’ commercial

Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune, “Just in time to rain on Apple’s 2009 earnings report, a prime-time TV ad and a series of well-timed leaks have put the spotlight on Motorola’s Droid — a yet-unreleased smartphone that is being described by sources who have played with a prototype as the iPhone’s first serious competitor.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, how exciting. That’s only exactly what we heard about the Palm Pre, RIM’s Storm, T-Mobile’s T1, LG’s Voyager, and about a hundred other ‘first serious iPhone competitors.” Sorry, but the incessant repetition of laughable hyperbole grew tiresome in 2007.

Elmer-DeWitt continues, “The ad, which premiered Saturday during the Yankees-Angels pennant game, is pasted below the fold. The challenge to Apple couldn’t be less subtle; it’s a series of ‘iDon’t’ screens listing key features the iPhone doesn’t have — from a physical keyboard to interchangeable batteries — that the Droid does.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, how innovative. Not only are Motorola trying to copy Apple’s iPhone, but they’re even ripping off the already-failed anti-Apple “iDon’t” marketing pitch, too. See: SanDisk’s iDon’t campaign takes on Apple iPod – May 22, 2006

Elmer-DeWitt continues, “The Droid is still vaporware; no release date has been set, although Verizon said two weeks ago that it would release two Android phones before the end of the year, and the cryptic clock on a new Verizon/Motorola Droid promotional site has been decoded and appears to be counting down to Oct. 30.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, how suspenseful. Yet another big countdown to yet another iDud. How will we ever be able to wait until Oct. 30? Yawn.

Full ridiculously breathless article here.


  1. And the moment this “thing” comes out (if it ever DOES**), it’ll be touting Version 1.0 of its hardware and software. VERSION 1.0!

    And the iPhone is presently in Version 3.1+ thereof. Not to mention the true ace-in-the-hole that is the iTunes store with its 85,000+ apps. (App-lack, App-lack, anyone?!)

    Don’t let anybody tell you that running a marathon race 10 miles behind the leader (and trying desperately to catch up) is even remotely possible. Not when the leader is the current world champion in that event. Good damned luck.

    Just another desperate wanna-be. Move along; nothing to see here.

    ** Anybody remember the “Pink” project at Microsloth?

  2. what struck me was that it played on a lot of FUD and consumer ignorance more than anything.

    I am always suspect of a marketing plan that starts off with the first advertising effort trying to compare itself to the market leader/majority player. How about highlighting some of its own positive qualities and ignoring what you imagine the competition to be… that way you might even convince some folks that you have an interesting product on its own merits. From now on, every one will be comparing droid to the iPhone… not a wise way to put your toe in the water IMO.

  3. I think the ‘iDont’ commercial is pretty good. It gives some actually good critiques on the iPhone. Whether or not you care about a removable battery or a slide out keyboard, we all wish Apple would open up it’s App submittal process a bit, right?

    Besides, this commercial is a lot more effective than the ‘iSheep’ commercial. This one jabs at a phone, SanDisk’s made jabs at potential customers. To draw a better comparison, this is kind of on the line of Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ commercials -saying, its not you, it’s your PC, whereas Sandisk’s commercial could be compared to Microsoft’s “This is the next version of windows, except it’s really Vista, but your too dumb to know that anyways” commercial.

  4. I have to say that this commercial did accomplish job 1. And that’s to get noticed and get people talking. I was at a party last night watching sunday night football with 30 people and after this commercial aired, it was the major topic of conversation for the next 20 minutes.

    The Smart phone market is exploding and have so much mind share these days that all newcomers get noticed. I seriously doubt that this model will be anymore successful than the other iPhone pretenders.

  5. Regardless of the phone, I too thought the commercial was cool. Not so such the idont stuff, but where they bring in te logo. Very cool.

    Unfortunately for the phone, being tied to verizon probably means crippled beyond usefulness.

  6. given the fact that AT&T;is garbage, and I’m constantly dropping calls, getting voicemail notifications (and texts) several hours late… i’m really hoping the verizon droids will be a viable alternative.

    The LAST thing I want to do is give up my iPhone, but the unreliable service when using the phone for it’s core functions, i.e. talking to people, sending/receiving messages, has just become too frustrating.

    You can dismiss it all you want, but anyone who has AT&T;issues like me will be at least taking a look at these phones on VZW.

  7. “from a physical keyboard to interchangeable batteries — that the Droid does.””

    So funny, that is exactly what makes the iPhone better than other phones. Many people have iPhones imitations and the are always saying the they can remove the battery and install a backup battery when ever they run out of charge. But if you ask they if they have the other battery, they don’t have it.

    I have the iPower, a plastic case with integrated battery, when ever I am very far from civilization and need run out of power, I just insert the iphone in the case and that is it. Another day or 2 of power playing games and watching movies.

    I really don’t see why people gets too exited about features they never use or can’t afford.

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