Infoworld: Mac Lust; Microsoft Windows 7’s faux-Mac experience may drive users to the real thing

“The seven deadly sins — for centuries, they’ve shaped the imaginations of poets, priests, and politicians, while giving the great unwashed a frame of reference: Do these things and you’ll burn for sure!” Randall C. Kennedy writes for InfoWorld. “When it comes to software, few products have inspired as much debauchery as Windows.”

Kennedy writes, “So with Windows 7 just around the corner, it makes sense to examine the product through the prism of these 7 deadly sins.”

The 7 deadly sins of Windows 7
• Lust: Beware Windows 7’s faux-Mac experience, which may drive users to the real thing
• Gluttony: Windows 7’s piggy requirements require a lot of hardware “food”
• Greed: Windows 7 will cost you, over and over again; Microsoft is a greedy company
• Anger: Windows 7 penalizes those who didn’t pay for the mess that was Vista
• Envy: Windows 7’s old and new flaws make users covet Mac OS X or even Linux
• Pride: Windows 7’s fan boys can help drive adoption — or drive everyone away
• Sloth: Windows 7’s slob nature means a lot of unpleasant time spent as an IT janitor

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like a royal pain in the ass, as usual. Get a Mac.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The_Wzrd” for the heads up.]


  1. Does it make sense? Does it really? Or are you just proud that you came up with another hit-whore gimmick and want to wrap it in some cloyingly suggestive context?

  2. Windows 7, close that window- very Cold and drafty!!

    Open door number 10 with Mac OSX behind it- vaction on that beach!!

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  3. The original article is a very entertaining read. It’s meant to be entertainment much more than a review (“seven deadly sins” should have been a clue). It looks like it’s written to rile up hard-core windows sufferers (and there are plenty on that site). Some have already responded in defense of their beloved OS…

  4. MDN you forgot the 8th deadly sin. Stupidity.
    This is why MS still exists…because people still think there is only one OS that exists…and that it is ‘good enough’.

  5. Buster, don’t confuse stupidity and ignorance. Ignorance can be cured. Stupidity is when someone knows better, but does the stupid thing anyway. Most people have no idea what an OS is, let alone a browser. “This blue E is the internet.”

  6. The vast majority of those 90% of Windoze users just don’t give a flying cfuk about which OS is which. They just use the machine they are given, usually a PC and don’t care about, or know about Apple and a better user experience.

    It will always be so. maybe the 90% will shrink as more change to a Mac, but they rest will just believe all the crap and continue with the shit they know.

  7. I am using Win7 as a tester, it does exactly the same as XP, but they just move all the menus and access and hide some others so you need to pay another training and certification for windows 7.

    Their so called “diagnostics” services never fix or guide you to fix anything, you need to disable those services because they only eat memory. If you add a few security services to XP, it could be a lot better that Win7, but the main purpose of Win7 is not to compete or cover present demands, it is just that Microsoft need more money and people are no longer paying for training and certification in XP because it is so old that everyone knows it.

  8. That was worth reading. Hilarious!

    There are even the obligatory WinDrone comments condemning the author as a Mac/Linux fan! LOL that’s ripe. Mac users could give 2 shits about Linux. Compile that!

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