BBC News blows it: Says Apple ‘botched’ Mac OS X Snow Leopard, offers no explanation or proof

“Three years ago Microsoft botched the release of Vista, the operating system that preceded Windows 7,” Tim Weber reports for BBC News.

“Vista – a bloated, difficult to install operating system – left many early users with suddenly unusable hardware and software,” Weber reports. “The disaster badly undermined Microsoft’s credibility with consumers and software developers.”

Weber reports, “Windows 7 is Microsoft’s one and maybe only chance to redeem itself. “

“Microsoft’s timing has been helped by the fact that one of its arch rivals, Google, won’t launch its lightweight operating system Chrome OS before the middle of next year, which will be plenty of time to establish Windows 7 firmly in the netbook market,” Weber reports. “Also useful is the misstep of its other nemesis, Apple, which uncharacteristically botched its new operating system Snow Leopard, not anywhere near as badly as Vista, but enough to give Microsoft a clear run for its Windows 7 launch.”

Full article – Think before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s it, there’s no further mention of Mac OS X or any proof or explanation of how Apple supposedly “botched” Snow Leopard (does he mean by releasing it when they did or something else entirely?). For an explanation, we suggest readers contact Tim Weber directly at . Unfortunately, this incident is wholly unsurprising given the BBC’s past behavior: BBC integrity questioned, accused of promoting Microsoft and Windows Vista – February 09, 2007.


  1. You know, I read that article, but because they didn’t expand on that point, I skimmed over it accidentally. Now MDN has picked it up and of course I’m furious with the Beeb for making such an aside in a very subtle way. Remember that I used to proofread as a hobby!

  2. I agree with Weber. Snow Leopard is a complete disaster what with the interface, security, issues and other mistakes worthy of allusion as well.

    BTW, I’m discovering bad punditry is really hard.

  3. The BBC is in the tank and always has been in the tank for Microsoft. Remember, it was only after the public outcry when they excluded Macs from their online media that they later said they would make an Apple player too.

  4. @Dev – those are the same people who made a HUGE deal out of a dozen or so cases of exploding iPod batteries – ya know, out of the 100+ million iPods sold to date. Some people are just desperate to defame Apple – I’m not really sure why.

    OT – aside from a few Flash quirks, Snow Leo has been a solid upgrade for me – I certainly wouldn’t call one small annoyance a “botched” release.

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