Apple temporarily removes Elgato’s EyeTV App from iTunes to App Store

Apple has removed Elgato’s EyeTV App from the iTunes to App Store due to an Easter Egg that allowed users to stream their EyeTV content over 3G networks. The app is supposed to do such streaming only over WiFi.

Elgato has since issued a statement:

Some test code that enabled live TV streaming over the cellular network was accidentally left in the the EyeTV App. Apple requested that we remove the code since their agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network. The code was removed and a 1.0.1 version of the EyeTV app was submitted.

More info via TotalApps here.


  1. I hate the fact tjat Apple’s deal Witherspoon AT&T;ruins it for thr rest Of the world. I have unlimited data herr in Sweden and out carriers have no problem with tethering, streaming or ip telephony. But because Apple’s stupid deal in the US these applications are not allowed in any countries.

  2. Yes, lets all muck up the 3G network for others. Let us all cut in line, run red lights and take candy from babies. Screw the contracts we enter into. It is for ME, to hell with the rest of you.

  3. “the 3G network” ???? You mean ATT dictating to the rest of the world what goes on with our phone company’s networks!
    TelCel in Mexico allows using 3G for what ever you want, but ATT won’t allow the apps to be sold, so you jailbreak!

  4. Just like iTunes will say this if I want to purchase a USA tv show “this purchase is not allowed in Mexico” the same should be for apps that use 3G , that ATT won’t allow “this app can’t be sold in the USA “. Why make the rest of the world cow tow to ATT

  5. @HugeB Just like others to Mud Sling and stand by and watch while not offering any real solution’s or innovations.

    You can point all you want But show the rest ot the Non Americans what solutions you have… There are none but you have the time to criticize that in witch was invented in the US, Like so many Great Electronics.

    This is the Mentality of those who Can’t Do is Blame Others while they stand by and keep a score card, Be part of the Solution and not part of the Problem.

    Next time think Before you Post H…B.

  6. Hugh B – AT&T;is assigned the frequencies, but they’re still the public airwaves. And while I’m no fan of the Obama administration, I’m glad to see his new FCC is kicking AT&T;’s arrogant ass down the street with the proposed new rules.

    AT&T;has traditionally been an enemy of the Internet. The opposed the development of packet-switching protocols like TCP/IP. They tried to prohibit customers from attaching modems and answering machines to the phone jack. They’re letting their copper network rot away, especially in rural areas, with the false promise of wireless broadband.

    Don’t confuse AT&T;with a free enterprise. It’s a utility with quasi-governmental privileges like eminent domain through your private property that ordinary businesses don’t enjoy. They’d rather run submarine cables to China than provide decent service to Americans. So it’s reasonable for citizens to demand some reasonable standards of service for AT&T;.

    So everyone should hammer AT&T;’s 3G network. Maybe then Apple will allow better service providers like Verizon to carry the device, and AT&T;’s stock share price will go into the toilet where it belongs.

  7. AT&T;’s silly rule is just for streaming LIVE TV. You can STILL stream RECORDED TV over the 3G network. So, hit Record, wait, and watch later. From anywhere–with no WiFi needed.

    And besides which, recorded shows are prepared FOR streaming and actually work well. Live TV doesn’t work that well without WiFi anyway.

    So–oops! El Gato made a little mistake leaving that in. But it will be fixed soon. Still a great app.

  8. @X

    ?? I do not understand your posting? are you agreeing with him?

    If so, please remember, I did not sign a contract with ATT, or did anyone else outside of the USA, “Screw the contracts we enter into”

    My TelCel contract allows me to use 3G data any way I want, tethering, streaming or VOIP, (and I pay dearly $120.00usd data only) on top of cell minutes.

    Our (my) point, is why should ATT be able to dictate how we use our iPhone over seas??

    If a developer thinks it is a big feature, they should be able to sell those apps, or 3G versions of them, where they are allowed , real simple

    “This version is not for sale or use with ATT” just as many things on iTunes are not sold out side of the USA (TV shows)

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