RUMOR: Apple’s next-gen iMacs to offer Blu-ray option, Core i7 ‘Clarksfield’ quad-core CPUs

Citing “people close to Apple,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider that Apple’s “earlier plans to offer Blu-ray technology on the new all-in-one desktops may have been pulled back just before [Apple’s next-gen iMac] systems went into product last month.”

“Either way, it’s believed that the technology would have found its way into the new models largely in the form of build-to-order options, given steep pricing still associated with Blu-ray drives,” Jade reports.

“Around the same time, others with connections to the Mac maker have shared word that Intel’s recently released Core i7 ‘Clarksfield’ quad-core mobile processors may find their way into the new iMac line in some capacity, making the new models the first consumer-oriented Macs with four processing cores,” Jade reports.

More details in the full article here.


  1. Shane: ‘Clarksfield’ quad-core mobile processors?
    Does the iMac have laptop guts?

    Yes, the Intel iMacs always had mobile CPUs.

    Apple doesn’t use the desktop Intel CPUs at all – only mobile and server versions.

  2. @ Shane – Given how slim the enclosures are on the iMacs, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s at least partially true.

    Keeping Blu-ray drives optional at this point sounds like a good move, too – it’s not really a “must have” feature for the majority of people.

  3. All I know is that I wait for every Tuesday to order my new iMac – and every Tuesday I am disappointed.

    Please, Apple, get your act together and get something out the door and into the stores.

    Knowing that the new iMac model is imminent must be killing iMac sales – it certainly has delayed mine.

  4. “…given steep pricing still associated with Blu-ray drives…”

    Blu-ray drives for computers are NOT that expensive anymore — especially in desktops and especially in the context of Mac price points. See what it costs to add one to a Dell or an HP if you don’t believe me!

  5. Same old rumour… Keep saying it and 1 day I’ll get it right… Or maybe not!

    Could Apple be holdding of major updates to Macs to coinside with windows 7 release to grab sum tech headline away from microsoft? That would be the smart move!

  6. Dick, I feel your pain. Was jonesing for a 24″ quad-core at something under $2k, but it didn’t appear and didn’t appear and … I gave up. Spent close to $3k for a much more powerful ‘traditional’ PowerMac and kept my old monitor.
    At some point you have to suck it up and buy the best solution for whatever ‘problem’ you see. Chances are good it will be second-best – “obsolete” – not long after, but you can’t wait for perfect.
    Blu-ray is too expensive to put in the entry-level iMac, but could easily be a build-to-order for the top of the line.

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