Apple unconcerned about Windows 7 release: ‘At the end of the day Windows 7 is still just Windows’

“Few expect [the October 22nd release of Microsoft’s Windows 7] to dent Apple’s standing in the market in the long run, given the company’s premium position and the fact that its dedicated user base largely ignores events in the Windows universe,” Gabriel Madway reports for Reuters. “ut if the new Microsoft offering works as expected, Apple may not be able to count on Windows’ clumsiness as a sales driver.”

“For its part, Apple expressed little concern about the new Windows,” Madway reports. “‘New Mac users continually tell us that they are tired of all the headaches with Windows, and they want the ease of use, stability and security of a Mac,’ spokesman Bill Evans said. ‘At the end of the day Windows 7 is still just Windows.'”

“And some analysts argue that Windows 7 hype might end up helping Mac by enticing customers into stores and lifting overall computer sales amid the marketing hoopla,” Madway reports. “‘The Apple story is pretty idiosyncratic, company-specific, not really dependent on other parties,’ said Broadpoint Amtech analyst Brian Marshall, citing research showing that Microsoft’s launches over the years have acted as catalysts for Mac sales.”

“Although its iPhone gets more press, Apple still derives the largest chunk of its sales from computers. Macs generated about 40 percent of the company’s revenue in the June quarter,” Madway reports. “Marshall thinks Apple can double its share of the computer market over the next five to 10 years. Enderle Group principal analyst Rob Enderle agreed that the Windows 7 launch could end up boosting Mac sales. ‘It could very well be a tide that lifts all boats,’ he said. ‘Windows 7, with a lot of marketing dollars, is going to drive a lot of people into stores. The extra traffic could actually help Apple.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nice to see Rob’s back on his meds, even if reporters who value their credibility should know better than to use him in their articles.


  1. “Lifts all boats” It’s not even an original quote. I think where Apple is gaining market share is with the younger crowed. This will be key to future growth. I think Windows 7 is not bad and it will be a hugh hit, because for this to happen, it does not need to be better then OSX, it only needs to be better then XP and Vista.

  2. @Harry,

    Well that first post was stupid. 90% of what sales exactly? Are you suggesting that PC manufacturers have sold 0 computers this year and will sale all that they are suppose to between 10/22 and 12/31???? Please clarify, most people that come to this site need this little item called logic to function correctly. We smile evenly that their are people who are blissfully ignorant….. we refer to them as the 90%.

  3. @Mac-nugget

    What I want to know is what corner of the world Enderle is from where the tide only lifts some of the boats. Nautically speaking, that’s a pretty bad situation

    Enderle staring at his overturned canoe: “Maybe I used too many anchors.”

  4. “And at the end of the year Windows 7 has 90% of the sales, as ever..”

    Of a market that gets less and less interesting every year.

    Microsoft doesn’t actually make computers. They sell licesnses for the OS.

    And with the proliferation of Netbooks, MS is making less and less on these super low end licenses.

    Honestly, with the iPhone/iPod touch kicking ass like it is, 5 years from now, the PC market is going to be VERY boring. It will be like the typewriter. A word processing device. Yawn.

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