‘I Am Safe’ app for Apple iPhone works like a panic button anywhere in the world

The tragic, unexplained death of Britt Lapthorne has “inspired a Melbourne man to develop an iPhone app allowing people instantly to notify loved ones if they are in trouble anywhere in the world,” Asher Moses reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The app, called ‘i am Safe,’ works like a panic button in that it is programmed to send recorded voice, SMS and email messages to a predetermined list of five family and friends once activated,” Moses reports. “A Google Map is also provided to track the user’s location. ‘So as soon as I fire it off, it triangulates my position by GPS and it then keeps tracking me constantly,’ developer Tim Hine, 64, said. ‘It also then records an audio file of everything that’s happening around the phone at that time and it stores that on our server at the back end for future reference, for instance, if police want it.'”

“The app will initially only be available to iPhone users but will soon be ported to other platforms including Google’s Android,” Moses reports. “The app costs US$2.99 for now but will soon change to US$6.99. Hine was adamant he did not intend to profit from Lapthorne’s memory and was in fact hoping his app would prevent further tragedies.”

Full article, with more info about the Lapthorne tragedy, here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s no shame in profiting from a very good idea that very well may help prevent future tragedies.

MacDailyNews Note: More info about “i am Safe” via Apple’s iTunes App Store here. A free version of the app, “i am Safe Mini” is also available via the App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I usually have my location services off…. since it runs the battery down quickly. I wonder how they deal with that. Might require some investigation. Certainly something I would put on Mom’s iPhone though.

  2. @ Cubert–

    Life insurance, when first conceived, was nit very popular.

    People were ooked out by its name at the time: death insurance.

    They changed the name to something nicer, and it became successful.

    Perhaps this developer is using the same psychology.

  3. Sounds very good except I can see it being activated in error by some. Even though it gives a countdown, that may not be noticed. I can also see a modified version of this, with less of an emergency mode, could be useful in other situations. But it does seem worth having.

  4. It’s interesting the opposites we accept sometimes – life insurance in the event of one’s death, “I Am Safe” apps to be used only when you’re not safe, parking in a driveway, driving on a parkway, clicking “start” to shut down a Windows machine…

  5. This will be a great app for Australia. As you may or may not know 911 is not the emergency number over there, there are not enough Australians who can count that high, not to mention that they have troulbe finding the triple 0 button on most phones, triple 0 being the emergency number over there.

  6. You know, the app takes a picture and sends it to the local or national authorities. There are all sorts of possibilities. Just keep the phone hidden as the crooks will be watching.

    There could be an app for that.

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