Google Wave already works on Apple’s iPhone

“Google Wave already works on the iPhone,” Erick Schonfeld reports for TechCrunch.

“There are two ways to get Google Wave to work on your iPhone. The first way is to simply go to in mobile Safari on your iPhone. It warns you that you are not using a browser supported during the preview, but if you click through, it works pretty well. The site has obviously been optimized for Webkit-based browsers like the one on the iPhone,” Schonfeld reports.

“In addition to the Web app via the mobile Safari browser, you can get rid of the Safari wrapper altogether. Just like with any Web page on the iPhone, you can save a bookmark on your Home screen, and it creates a little icon which launches mobile Safari to that page,” Schonfeld reports. “When you save the Wave bookmark to your Home screen, however, something different happens. You go to Wave, but without the Safari wrapper which allows you to navigate to another page or search the Web. Instead, it looks more like a regular app… When you bookmark Wave it launches in “app mode,” which is an existing option for developers on the iPhone.”

Full article, with screenshot, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mormegil” for the heads up.]


  1. Another example of “app mode” is weather underground’s wundermap. ( Once the scrollable map is made into a webclip, you can exit the map with the home button and when you return to safari, it’s whatever other page you were on before.

  2. OMG! check out google wave at you tube, during their demonstration they only used 3 web browsers and guess who they DIDN”T use!!!
    Ballmer must be screeming at his computer about now!!ahhahhahahhahahahah

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