Microsoft’s Sidekick and project ‘Pink’ fiascos blamed on dogfooding and possible sabotage

“Additional insiders have stepped forward to shed more light into Microsoft’s troubled acquisition of Danger, its beleaguered Pink Project, and what has become one of the most high profile Information Technology disasters in recent memory,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The sources point to longstanding management issues, a culture of “dogfooding” (to eradicate any vestiges of competitor’s technologies after an acquisition), and evidence that could suggest the failure was the result of a deliberate act of sabotage,” Dilger reports.

“AppleInsider previously broke the story that Microsoft’s Roz Ho launched an exploratory group to determine how the company could best reach the consumer smartphone market, identified Danger as a viable acquisition target, and then made a series of catastrophic mistakes that resulted in both the scuttling of any chance that Pink prototypes would ever appear, as well as allowing Danger’s existing datacenter to fail spectacularly, resulting in lost data across the board for T-Mobile’s Sidekick users,” Dilger reports.

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  1. It’s appalling that something like this can happen at a big technology company. Heads should roll for something like this. Of course, Apple isn’t perfect either, as all the people who upgraded to Snow Leopard and lost all of their data point out.

  2. Dogfooding doesn’t mean “to eradicate any vestiges of competitor’s technologies after an acquisition”. A company that uses it’s own products is “eating it’s own dog food”, or “dogfooding”. It’s a way to convey confidence in a product (tip of the hat to Wikipedia).

    I don’t doubt that Microsoft supplanted Danger technology with it’s own, leading to the crash. That’s called stupidity, not dogfooding.

    Dilger gives Mac users a bad name. He views everything as “Apple is right, therefore Microsoft is wrong”. He’s just as bad as those on the opposite side of the spectrum.

  3. Wait…so the Sidekick service is still down? Holy crap…

    The way that piece reads, you have to wonder if they’ll ever be able to get it back up and running, data loss or not. As in, will the sync service ever come back up even empty of users’ data? WTF is T-Mobile going to do if it doesn’t ever get restarted? Replace as many Sidekicks as they can?

    Holy cow.

  4. Appalled, you happen to have a link for that? That’s first I’ve heard of this.

    Unless you are a M$ paid troll you should at least be able to post a credible link. Let’s see it.

  5. “Dilger gives Mac users a bad name. He views everything as “Apple is right, therefore Microsoft is wrong”. He’s just as bad as those on the opposite side of the spectrum.”

    Dilger is not perfect but he’s right a heck of a lot more often than he’s wrong. The technology press in general is an embarassment, and rite with conflicts of interest, sloppy reporting, stupidity, and quotes from Rob Enderle.

    Daniel Eran Dilger is very fanboyish, but he does not always report Apple as right, but if you actually read his blog you’d know that. But not actually reading his blog didn’t stop you from commenting about it. That’s called “talking out of your ass”. In other words you’re doing what you claim he does.


  6. @twilightmoon

    Look about 5 articles below this one and you’ll see the article. Ironic to see you commenting about fanboys when you pull out the age old fanboy attack of a M$ paid troll for anyone who posts anything that challenges your technolog choice.

  7. Wow, this looks like it is nothing short of the brilliant work of Ballmer at the helm.

    I just love the idea of the lawsuits that could emerge from this, the carnage into MS deep pockets will be great entertainment, not to mention how the mainstream media just might jump into this.

    The zunophone, what a laugh.

  8. @scott
    In all fairness, Dilger rightly describes the use of the term “dogfooding” in his article:

    “Striving to rid the company of foreign technology and “eat one’s own dog food” instead is so common that Microsoft’s employees are said to commonly use the word “dogfooding” as a verb to describe this.”

    I mean, if a company develops a new product using its own technologies it could be called ‘dogfooding’ in a positive sense. But when a company acquires a company with successful technology, and tries to supplant that companies IP with its own, that is ‘dogfooding’ to its detriment. Also, remember that article writers often do not write the headlines. Microsoft, as the article points out, has a history of acquiring successful companies and then killing the technology that made them successful, soley to maintain often inferior MS technologies. It appears that is what happened here, if you believe the reporting.

  9. So, is there a possibility that the Sidekick data loss was intentional and caused by sabotage?
    Any suspects?
    Who has motives do this and how would they benefit?
    Is there an investigation under way?

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