Analyst: Apple MacBook Pro line selling well at Amazon and Best Buy

Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac on a note that Morgan Keegan analyst Tavis McCourt wrote to clients yesterday:

Apple (AAPL) continues to execute well across its major product categories… We believe trends are faring better than expected, with a notable increase in Mac demand following the release of Snow Leopard in early September. We believe this reflects the improved value proposition of the MacBook Pro line (updated last June with new price points), which have been performing particularly well on both Amazon and Best Buy’s top sellers charts, two web sites that we believe provide a decent proxy for sell-through trends in the U.S. consumer PC market.

More in the full article here.


  1. Analysts are mostly useful for people who DON’T spend a lot of time staying up to date on an individual company’s business. Analysts split their time covering many companies and even multiple sectors. Those of us who track Apple almost day-to-day will know at least as much as any analyst about Apple, but not as much as they know about all the other companies they track.

  2. “He’s right, but it always seems that analysts’ announcements on MDN in general either state an already-known fact (to us) or turn out to be totally wrong.” —jaundiced

    Which proves that the only thing that qualifies them as “analysts” are the nameplates on their doors. They either guess right or guess wrong, just like everybody else. Actually coming up with insights based on an analysis of the market is totally beyond them. They are truly the snake oil salesmen of the modern age.

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