Apple CEO Steve Jobs tops tech’s most influential list – again

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been named the most influential individual in the global technology industry, topping the 2009 Agenda Setter’s list,” Steve Ranger reports for

“Jobs has made pole position on the list for the second time (the first time being in 2003) – the only person to have achieved this feat in the 10-year history of the list,” Ranger reports.

“Whether launching new products (such as the new iPhone 3G S) or even just being the subject of rumours of new products (such as the much discussed Apple tablet), Steve Jobs and Apple have earned the power to set the agenda in the technology industry and far beyond,” Ranger reports. “‘Apple continues to set the agenda in IT desirability,’ said one of the Agenda Setters judges.”

“‘There are few companies which continue to astound with product innovation. Steve Jobs’ Apple is still shiny and sweet,’ said another,” Ranger reports. “‘He has the Midas touch,’ said a third, while another was impressed by his sustained pioneering and ability to drive “continuous innovation”, whether in hardware, software or service practicalities.”

Ranger reports, “Other Agenda Setters on this year’s list include Evan Williams in second place for his work on the social media wonder that is Twitter. Jimmy Wales makes his third appearance in the top 10, and Eric Schmidt of Google makes the top 10 for the sixth time.”

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  1. Guess what!?!?

    A Microsoft dude did make the list. Had to travel all the way to England to find one.

    23. Ashley Highfield
    Managing director and VP of consumer and online, Microsoft UK

  2. FINALLY!!!!! after all these recent turbulent years credit is being put to and individual who not only EARNED IT!!!! But DESERVES IT!!!!

    Stick that in you pipe and smoke it eh BALLMER !!!!??? You NOTHING OF A CEO!!! YEAH YEAH JUMP AROUND!!!! I SAY YEAH YEAH!!! JUMP AROUND!!!! DA NA NAN NA NAH!!! Where did all your developers GO!!! Its a happy day for iJah420.

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