Gartner: Android to grab No. 2 smartphone spot by 2012; behind Symbian, just ahead of Apple iPhone

“While the Google-backed Android mobile operating system currently runs on less than 2% of all smartphones, Gartner Inc. predicts it will surge to 14% of the global smartphone market in 2012 — ahead of the iPhone, as well as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones,” Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld.

“The complete Gartner forecast for smartphone OSes by the end of 2012 puts Symbian on top with 203 million devices sold, and 39% of the market. Android will be second with nearly 76 million units sold, and 14.5% of the market,” Hamblen reports. “Coming in a close third, the iPhone will ship on 71.5 million devices in 2012, giving a 13.7% market share. Windows Mobile will finish fourth, with 66.8 million units sold, or 12.8% of the market.”

“Very close behind Windows Mobile, the BlackBerry OS will sell on 65.25 million devices in 2012, Gartner forecasts, making it fifth with 12.5% market share,” Hamblen reports. “Various Linux devices will sell 28 million units, at 5.4% market share, in sixth place. Palm Inc.’s webOS will sell on 11 million units in 2012, about 2.1% of the market, in seventh place, Gartner says.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Kenny thinks Palm Inc. will still exist in 2012, he’s obviously started his weekend very early. Maybe he thinks some company will be selling devices with the WebOS? That might be more realistic. Either way, Hamblem’s forecast has been iCal’ed for future use as soon as we have the actual 2012 full year numbers.


  1. Apple has about 13% of the market in smart phones right now. Obviously, the overall market for smart phones will grow significantly by 2012, but Apple’s portion will be more than 13.7%. Also, how does he justify making these predictions to 0.1% accuracy (and down to 100,000 on units sold); that’s ridiculous.

    > Windows Mobile will finish fourth, with 66.8 million units sold, or 12.8% of the market.

    Now that’s funny… WinMo will have 5% if Microsoft is lucky.

  2. lame projection

    That should not have seen the light of day by Computerworld – just an Apple bashing fest by an organization that is finding itself on the wrong side of this renegade company called Apple that has all of a sudden breached their radar – ridiculous

  3. What has Kenny been smoke’n?

    “Gartner Inc. predicts”, Gartner can you predict my future? Can you tell me how many finger(s) I’m holding up? I have a better idea, lets bet Kenny’s job on it and see if he’s still employed in 2012.


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