NPD: Nearly 85 percent of Mac households also own a Windows PC

According to leading market research company The NPD Group’s 2009 Household Penetration Study, approximately 12 percent of all U.S. computer owning households own an Apple computer, up from 9 percent in 2008. While Apple ownership is growing, those households are decidedly in favor of mixed system environments. Of those 12 percent, nearly 85 percent also own a Windows-based PC.

Multiple computer ownership is a common thread in Apple computer households, with 66 percent of households owning three or more computers, compared to just 29 percent of Windows PC households. Apple owning households are decidedly more mobile as well, with 72 percent of them owning a notebook, whereas only 50 percent of households that have a Windows PC own a notebook.

Not only do Apple computer owners own more computers (and more mobile computers) than the norm they also tend to own more types of electronics, and more of them, than typical computer owning households. For example, while 36 percent of total computer owning households have an iPod, 63 percent of Apple households have one. And while almost 50 percent of Apple owners own some type of navigation system, only about 30 percent of all computer households own one.

“While Apple owners tend to own more computers and more electronics devices, there is also a high correlation among Apple owners and more affluent consumer households,” said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis, in the press release. “Thirty-six percent of Apple computer owners reported household incomes greater than $100,000, compared to 21 percent of all consumers. “With a higher household income, though, it’s not a surprise that those consumers are making more electronics purchases,” Baker said. “The average Apple household owns 48 CE devices whereas the average computer household owns about 24. Apple household owners’ actions and purchases can be used by the industry as leading indicators for hot new products and adoption.”

A total of more than 2,300 of NPD’s online panelists completed this survey.

Source: The NPD Group, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: How exactly was the question worded? Are some of these Macs users who claim to own a “Windows PC” actually referring to their own Macs running Windows natively via Apple’s Boot Camp or via fast virtualization using such products as Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMWare’s Fusion? After all, a Mac slumming it with Windows is as much a Windows PC as any other (just prettier on the outside).

Regardless, “Mac users have made conscious technology choice and are therefore better informed.” – Paul Thurrott, December 15, 2004


  1. Okay, I own one old Dell that doesn’t get turned on but 4 times a year to download my son’s diabetes numbers. Contrast that to the 5 macs that are used daily.

  2. The PCs are just the old system that the new Mac replaced. They are most likely switcher households, who haven’t made the decision to throw out the old PC, just in case… Or they are using it as a back up system.

  3. <b>“@Joshua Maynard

    No crap in my house! 100% MAC”</b

    Joshua, if you want to be a fanboy you need to practice a bit more..

    The use of the word “Crap” is good, or “Crappy”, however don’t refer to a Mac as a “MAC”.. Fanboys like a jump on people who make that mistake by saying things like “It’s NOT MAC it’s Mac, short for Macintosh” .. It’s makes fanboys feel real smart!!!!

    I’m glad there’s no CRAP in your house. I assume you’re unemployed??

  4. That is a surprising stat. I’d have figured maybe 50-60%. Would be interesting to see of those 85%, how many of the Windows PCs get a lot of active use. Of course, in big families, one PC among several Macs (or vice versa) would still qualify…

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