RUMOR: Apple’s ‘iTablet’ with 10.7-inch screen to be unveiled January 2010; for sale in May or June

iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz, citing “a reliable source—who correctly called the iPod nano 5G, iPhone 3GS and Chinese iPhone 3G months ago,” reports that Apple has so far created at least three separate prototypes of its tablet computer.

Version 1 was designed with a 7” screen, which was judged to be too small. The latest version has a 10.7” screen, according to the report.

Horwitz lists 10 bullet points:

• It runs iPhone OS.
• Looks like an iPhone 3G, complete with a curved back.
• 2 models: one with 3G networking capabilities and one without (think bigscreen iPhone 3GS and bigscreen iPod touch).
• 5-6 times the screen resolution of an iPod touch or iPhone screen (720p or thereabouts) and 7 times the touchable surface area.
• Designed to be a slate-like replacement for books and magazines, plus all of the media, gaming, app, and web functionality of the iPhone or iPod touch depending on the model.
• Not a netbook competitor per se. It’s an iPhone OS media player and light communication device.
• Announced on or before January 19, 2010, goes on sale in May or June.
• Project awaits Steve Jobs’ approval; chances of it appearing in the market are believed to be 80% at this point.

Full article here.


  1. Timeline makes sense…

    Remember they can’t suddenly spring it on the market since the FCC submission becomes public information, just like the iPhone in 2007.

    Will be fun to see the scrambling by the competition…

  2. Bull! Nothing over 7 inches wide screen, max! Apple isn’t that stupid. A 5 year old playing games on a Touch is like me playing the same on something just less than twice as big. 10 inches…no way…somebody brainfarted bigtime. Carry around a 10 inch piece of cardboard and tap it with your finger for an hour. You will WEAR OUT! Add the weight of a tablet and it is impossible to use!
    Only a slightly bigger Touch would work.

  3. I need this thing to have a small keyboard. Screen keyboards are fine for pocket devices, but when the screen gets bigger — and we need to do some serioius work while travelling — we need a small keyboard.

    The biggest thing that depresses me about all this talk of tablets is the notion that they’re not going to have a physical keyboard.

    When writing an article, e.g. MS Word, I don’t want to be writing on a glass screen.

    These small devices would be great for travellers who need to do some serious work, e.g. word processing of documents.

    I just need an Apple netbook. Nothing fancy. Nothing inventive. Just give us a 10″ MacBook Pro with good keyboard. Can’t Apple just do the normal thing. Why do they have to be so darn creative.

  4. @J^3,

    It’s kind of not a tablet if it has a physical keyboard. At that point, it’s more of a notebook computer… Maybe you need an Air. What if the “iTablet” had the touchscreen keyboard for casual unencumbered use, but a cool, thin portable BlueTooth keyboard for more intensive writing.

  5. Wow, every week the mythical Apple tablet gets a little bit bigger! Just last week it was 9.6″!

    By January it should hit 24″!

    Me, I’m hoping there will be a 6″ or 7″model. 10″ would be a honker to lug around and use.

    @JJJ Save some money on hankies and buy a 13″ MacBook Pro! They’re surprisingly small. (I have one sitting next to my 15-inch MBP) They even have real, full-sized keyboards. Imagine that!

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