CNN follows Wall Street Journal in setting subscription fees for iPhone news app

Apple Online Store “CNN is coming out with an iPhone application Tuesday that has a feature few other news apps have tried: a price tag,” Ashley Vanacore reports for The Associated Press.

“There’s been a lot of talk this year about finally charging readers for news, especially on mobile devices, where media executives see a chance to condition consumers to handing over a few dollars for a constant stream of updates to their pocket. CNN is among the first big news outlets to give it a shot. Its app costs $1.99 to download,” Vanacore reports.

“The new app follows an announcement this month by News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch that the company will start charging a subscription — possibly as much as $1 or $2 per week — for access to The Wall Street Journal’s mobile applications,” Vanacore reports.

“Many in the industry are skeptical that readers will pay for much online beyond business and financial reporting — the kind of stuff that helps people make money,” Vanacore reports. “How CNN fares in selling its app on Apple Inc.’s iTunes store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch will be closely watched by other media companies as they struggle with the loss of advertising dollars to the Web.”

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  1. They want it both ways. Money for the app, then to pester you with advertisements.

    Sorry, no go. Either/or. No sale, ever, especially when the source is a suckass organization such as CNN.

  2. I maybe would have considered this application, but they really lost credibility with me as a viable news source once they decided to give 2 hours of programming to the dictators of Iran and Venezuela.

  3. You were close, jjjj. You SHOULD have written . . . “At least CNN doesn’t try to report the news like Fox News.”

    Since you started it (and I really wish you hadn’t), I’ll take Rupert M. over Ted T. any time. Both plutocrats, yes, but the latter certifiably insane.

  4. I’ve already deleted the WSJ from my phone (the quality of what I read seems to have deteriorated) and I know I don’t want to pay $104 per year for fluff pieces I can read from Mobile Safari or watch online. Good luck with their experiment. I won’t be a guinea pig this go around.

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