Apple adds ‘Apps for Everything’ collections to website

“Looks like Apple’s taking some of the criticisms of its App Store to heart. On Tuesday, the company unveiled a new section of its Web site, Apps for Everything. Broken down into a handful of different categories like Apps for Cooks and Apps for Music, the collections consist of apps related to a specific topic,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld.

“There are currently 12 different collections, each featuring between eight and 24 applications along with tips for using the built-in features of your iPhone,” Moren reports.

“With more than 85,000 applications in the App Store, one common complaint is that it’s gotten harder and harder to find quality apps,” Moren reports. “Apple’s Staff Picks section (also available via the iPhone section of its Web site) is well known to draw attention to particular applications and these new Apps for Everything collections seems to be an extension of that. We don’t yet know whether Apple will be adding more categories to its Web site in the future, or changing the composition of its existing collections.”

Full article here.

Apple’s “Apps For Everything” pages start here:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. So while I’m ranting…. many of the app descriptions are horrible too. I was looking at an app. last night and the description started out “In this revision we’ve added blah blah blah….. Umm, that’s nice but what does the app DO?

    Sorry everyone…. I feel better now ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. And how about MORE categories… like in a book store?

    Let’s start with a Religion and Spirituality section.

    There are religious apps scrambled in with legitimate business apps. Pray to whatever imaginary entity you wish, but keep all those apps in one area.

  3. It’s only 14 months old. Give it time. App store is like a having a child that grew too fast. This in apples case is a hood problem.
    Thinks about it. People are bitching that can’t spend their money more easily. Which tells you guess what they are willing to spend their money on your product. But developers should take it on their to advertise their apps a little bit. I’m not talking national tv but maybe some web ads or a website actually demostrating the app. That would help because pictures are deceiving sometimes in the app store.

  4. @blah blah blah…
    “developers should take it on their to advertise their apps a little bit. “

    Yes, and how about a video link on your web site that demonstrates what your app does and why we need it?
    Apple does it for their Mac programs.

  5. Part of the problem is the unbelievably poor search function built into the App Store. Don’t know how many times I’ve searched in vain for something specific that I know is in the Store, only to stumble upon it later completely by chance. That’s really stupid.

  6. Go to Apps for the Great Outdoors.
    When you click on “MoonPhase, to discover lunar facts like moon rise and set times,” it takes you to an Anime kids show where you can buy the season for $39.99.


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