Apple adds ‘Apps for Everything’ collections to website

“Looks like Apple’s taking some of the criticisms of its App Store to heart. On Tuesday, the company unveiled a new section of its Web site, Apps for Everything. Broken down into a handful of different categories like Apps for Cooks and Apps for Music, the collections consist of apps related to a specific topic,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld.

“There are currently 12 different collections, each featuring between eight and 24 applications along with tips for using the built-in features of your iPhone,” Moren reports.

“With more than 85,000 applications in the App Store, one common complaint is that it’s gotten harder and harder to find quality apps,” Moren reports. “Apple’s Staff Picks section (also available via the iPhone section of its Web site) is well known to draw attention to particular applications and these new Apps for Everything collections seems to be an extension of that. We don’t yet know whether Apple will be adding more categories to its Web site in the future, or changing the composition of its existing collections.”

Full article here.

Apple’s “Apps For Everything” pages start here:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s a great idea. I hope we can see more of these tools. Thanks Apple.

    Oh, and by the way… Didn’t I see this categorisation on the App Store on my iPod touch? Before this announcement?

  2. While Apple streamlined the App Store, and it’s understandable, given the tidal wave of apps, finding popular or recommended apps for particular categories has become more of a chore in iTunes. This is definitely recommended.

    I hope that going forward, Apple can strike a balance between categories and the more streamlined interface. Sometimes, using the SEARCH window alone just doesn’t cut it.

  3. The biggest thing that irks me is the inability to view a selection of apps in tabs. Instead I have to continually back up (& reload) the iTunes window which makes finding what I want painfully slow. Add that to *not* having adequate search parameters (like “Recording Software”) and most of the time I just give up because I have to wade through a massive list of radio and “follow this band/artist Cr-apps listed under “Music”.

    Devs should be demanding better as I know there are apps I would buy, except that I can’t find them without doing an exhaustive search … one bloody app at a time.

  4. I’m with Brau on this one. As an example I just went to the store to check out the new categorization, but it looked the same. A trip back to this article revealed it was an update to Apple’s website. Oh silly me, why would I expect to find the new categories or search methods at the store itself.

  5. It still needs a lot of work.

    The search function is still far too limited. It actually seems worse than before!

    @Brau… I know what you mean. I NEVER buy music from the iTunes Store and have less than zero interest in ads for the latest one-hit-wonders. I’d like to start up in the App Store. Why can’t Apple add a simple preference for that?

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