Minnesota man latest to sue Apple and AT&T over iPhone MMS

Apple Online Store “A Rosemount [MN] man has joined a list of people across the country who have filed breach of contract lawsuits against Apple Inc. and ATT for failing to tell them their new iPhones would be unable to send video and picture messages this summer,” Leslie Brooks Suzukamo and Julio Ojeda-Zapata report for The Pioneer Press.

“Kyle Irving’s lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis on Thursday, seeks to be joined together with lawsuits filed in Louisiana, Ohio and elsewhere into a class action representing all iPhone 3GS owners who signed up for ATT’s multimedia messaging services,” Suzukamo and Ojeda-Zapata report. “The amount of damages are unspecified. David Cialkowski, Irving’s attorney, said damages might be small for each defendant but large collectively for ATT and Apple.”

“Apple reported it sold more than 1 million of its newest iPhones on the first three days of its launch back in June. The company said ATT support for multimedia messaging would be available in ‘late summer,'” Suzukamo and Ojeda-Zapata report. “In his suit, Irving alleges he was told he would have multimedia messaging, or MMS, on his iPhone when he bought it in June in Apple Valley.”

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  1. Does this guy have it in writing? Phil’s keynote speach contained information that mms would not be available till later in the summer. Furthermore, who exactly was it that told these morons that mms was immediately available in the firstplace?

  2. I’m still unable to send an MMS. Even after calling tech support twice they just tell me to be patient. Hasn’t been a huge inconvenience though so I’m not planning on suing anyone.

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