How to outdo a Trekkie Dungeon Master: Host your own Windows 7 Launch Party (with video)

Now you can eclipse the nerd level of a Trekkie Dungeon Master. “But, how?” you squeak. What might seem to be an impossible feat turns out to actually be quite easy, McLovin. Just tape up and strap on your horn rims, slide in that pocket protector, and attend, or better yet, throw your own Windows 7 Launch Party:

Direct link via YouTube here.

Be a part of Windows history. No, really. Just choose one of four party themes — “PhotoPalooza,” “Media Mania,” “Setting Up With Ease,” or “Family Friendly Fun” — and don’t forget to invite grandma!

More info:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. I should point out that I’m on a work machine without speakers, but from the visuals alone being in that room with those people looks like my idea of hell. Were they expecting other people or were all those napkins for the 3 white people and token black person?

    What are they going to do at the party? Are they going to stand around the one laptop and watch Windows install, or are they going to be using it? I can’t imagine a party for any OS being good, but with 1 machine for 4 people it seems even more stupid.

    I hope those people were paid a lot to be in that advert as they must feel dirty now.

  2. Aaagh! Monstrous! Scary! Nauseating! Wait, I can’t tell if I’m reacting to Windows 7, the bad acting, or the Cloverfield vomit-cam technique.

    If the best reason I can think of to have a party is a computer OS release, I don’t deserve to live. And that would be true for ANY OS. Including Apple’s.

  3. I could only watch about 30 seconds of this before its emetic qualities overwhelmed me.

    I’ve wiped the screen now, but can’t stand a re-run. I only have so many towels in the house.

    As a consequence, however, I don’t know if it turns out to be a piss-take. An enormous, cheesy piss-take of unfathomably piss-takiness.

    Because, if not…




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