Apple seeks more info from iPhone 3.1 users who report battery issues; enables battery life logging

NOW WITH SUPERDRIVE!“An undisclosed number of users who have posted on Apple’s discussion boards about poor battery life following the iPhone 3.1 software update are being contacted by AppleCare helpdesk with a hefty list of 11 follow-up questions,” Rene Ritchie reports for The iPhone Blog. “These questions focus primarily on the usual battery culprits, email (especially push), WiFi and Bluetooth, and App Store apps. Number 10, asking ‘When you notice a power drop, does it seem to be a legitimate power drop, or rather an issue with the battery icon indicator?’ is certainly interesting.”

Richie reports, “The note also contains an attachment which, when double-clicked, installs what looks like an unsigned profile, similar to what is provided (in signed form) by developers using Ad Hoc provisioning for beta testing. (We’re guessing there’s a reason for it not to be signed, but — note to Apple — signing would make us feel so much warmer and fuzzier about it). This profile enables Battery Life Logging on the iPhone.”

Richie reports, “”Once enabled, the iPhone will sync power logs back via iTunes, and they ask that those logs be sent back to Apple.”

More info in the full article here.


  1. iPhone OS 3.0/3.1 suckz in general. Interface is much slower, scrolling screens stutters constantly, emails take forever to send, many bugs (after phone calls interface completely freezes, other freezing effects while using)…..I’d love to downgrade back to 2.3.

  2. For the folks on here with terrible problems …. GO TO THE APPLE STORE!!! If your problems are so severe, you obviously have some kind of glitch … 3.0/3.1 are generally faster and have better battery life for most people. They will analyze the problem and maybe even give you a new phone …….

  3. I have the 1st gen iPhone, I noted the battery drained much faster on version 3.0. I read an article saying the turning off push notifications and email push for non exchange accounts will improve the battery and it did.
    I have upgraded to 3.1 and still working very well the battery.

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