Zune HD not only suffers from terminal case of App-Lack™, its Web browser sucks, too

Microsoft’s iPod touch wannabe, the misleadingly-named “Zune HD” not only suffers from a terminal case of “App-Lack,” but it also sticks Zune sufferers with a Web browser that “seems like an afterthought,” Matt Rosoff reports for CNET.

“I’ve used Safari on the iPhone for more than a year, and it’s great–I actually read articles, for work and fun, on my bus commute to work,” Rosoff reports. “It’s so good, I’ve been taking it for granted. Not anymore.”

Rosoff reports, “Microsoft says the Zune HD’s browser is based on the mobile version of Internet Explorer…”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, there’s the root of the problem.

Rosoff continues, “The address bar is hidden–you have to pull up on the gray bar at the bottom of the screen to get to it. The other alternative is to click on a small magnifying glass to conduct a search on the mobile version of Bing, which I found difficult to use.”

“For instance, when I conduct a search on my employer’s name, ‘Directions on Microsoft,’ Bing Mobile assumes I want news stories that cite the company, when in fact I just want our home page. There’s a link on the Bing Mobile site that says “web,” which I assume is supposed bring me general search results from around the Web, but when I clicked it repeatedly, nothing happened,” Rosoff reports, “There’s also no auto-suggest or auto-complete for search queries–each time you want to search for “Chinese restaurants,” you have to type the whole query in.”

MacDailyNews Take: Listen, Mr. Rosoff, Bing is not a search engine, it’s a “decision engine,” and like all Microsoft products, if they work at all, it assumes you’re too stupid to take care of yourself. Bing knows best, and what’s best comes from whomever pays Microsoft the most, and don’t you ever forget it.

Rosoff continues, “Regardless of how you’re trying to navigate, the on-screen keyboard seems to require more finger accuracy than the fault-tolerant keyboard on the iPhone (probably because of the smaller screen). The back button is hard to hit–I kept selecting the favorites menu by mistake. Sites are also considerably slower to load, and the resolution doesn’t seem to be nearly as good as the iPhone or iPod Touch, with a noticeable flicker on pages with white backgrounds… I can’t imagine using this browser for any length of time.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The few people who buy Zunes should be rounded up — a single wide trailer would do the trick, with room to spare (plus they’d feel right at home) — and studied to find out what exactly went wrong during their development.

Direct link via YouTube here.

Palm Pre, Zune HD, BlackBerry. They not only rhyme, they all suffer from terminal cases of App-Lack™.


  1. I got me a Zune HD, cause I want to break my neighbours window and it’s better than throwing a brick; it says way more about my hatred for him than a common brick.

    “I’m gonna chuck a Zune through your window you damn idiot!”

    Much more insulting.

  2. Was`nt the Zune HD supposed to compete with the iPod Touch? Not long ago people were touting app store, browser, gaming, blah blah blah. Now no app store, browser sucks, games are months away with no quality assurances and MS is back pedalling saying it was never meant to compete with the touch, that its a strict media player, tell that to all the poor folks that bought one, I sincerely feel sorry for you all.

  3. @HMCIV in 2040 talking to great grand child:

    HMCIV “here, I want you to have my unopened Zune HD”

    “what is a Zune?”

    HMCIV “Good question, it was a failed attempt in 2009 by a company called Microsoft to beat Apple in consumer electronics.”

    “Beat Apple? Yeah right! They are huge! What kind of idiot thought that would work?”

    HMCIV “You’ve heard of ballmerizing something right?”

    “Sure, everyone has.”

    HMCIV “Well we got that term from Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer.”

    “So is this Zune thing a collector’s item now?”

    HMCIV “No, not really. When the company folded there were thousands unsold. Some guy even used a bunch to build a house with them. I just kept it to remember how much I hated Microsoft when they were still around.

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