U2 shun Apple iPhone in BlackBerry music App release

Apple Online Store “Recall back in the day when U2 and Apple were bosom-buddies? Well, in the world of corporate sponsorship, everything is change, and Bono’s band today introduced their own take on the iTunes LP with the release of a new U2 Mobile App, not for iPhone, but for BlackBerry,” Jonny Evans reports for Distorted-Loop.

“In a direct emulation of Apple’s iTunes LP and App Store, U2 and BlackBerrymaker, RIM, claim the new app, ‘invigorates the album experience for the digital age,'” Evans reports.

“Developed in collaboration with the band, the app promises ‘a rich visual experience with evolving content and an interactive dimension for the band’s current Number 1 album No Line On The Horizon,” Evans reports. “The application is now available for free on BlackBerry App World.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Um, about that “current Number 1 album” bit from RIM’s press release: Not on any remotely current chart on this planet, boys. And a better name for it would have been: “The Forgettable Trifle.” We’re U2 fans (as remain so, regardless of this BlackBerry-only nonsense), but, come on, one time through that last album was more than enough; we never felt compelled to slog through the piece of shit for even a second time. Suffice to say: Not your best album, or business decision, by a long shot.

Lastly, Bono, you’re part of Elevation Partners. Aren’t you supposed to be wasting your time, energy, and money pimping ill-fated bundles for the Palm Pre instead?


  1. I read that U2’s the jump to RIM had more to do with the band wanting access to Apple’s R&D;, while at the same time Bono is a partner in Elevation Partners which basically owns Palm. I don’t blame Apple one bit for telling U2 to piss off.. Next in line for sponsor money was RIM looking for some semblance of hipness. Having seen the 360 tour twice in Europe I can tell you that, which the show is excellent, RIM is not getting much bang for their ad $$. And this new thing sounds like more RIM cluelessness.

  2. Bono = Worlds biggest Turd.

    Funny how all these holier then thou musicians preach to the masses about giving up possessions & $$$ but they will follow the ca$h like a hound follows a bitch in heat.

    I have no problem with accumulating wealth, just don’t be a hypocrite about it.

  3. Paul David Hewson = Bono = dumbass extraordinaire! With all due respect, in the grand scheme of things (that is, the music biz), U2 and the Beatles are ‘way too full of themselves to be real or noteworthy.

    Scroom both.

  4. @ Telsa Spark – that’s a VERY good point. Considering how transparently Palm has been copying as much of Apple’s technology as it can get away with, who knows how much more they’d be copying if Apple had allowed Bono access to Apple R&D.

    As for why U2 are spending so much time with RIM… well, based on the above, expect to see Palm suddenly come out with technology “borrowed” from RIM in future (assuming Palm doesn’t go out of business before that).

  5. No matter who the artist was, on this website they were bound to get huge negativity just for not being with Apple.
    U2 are an awesome band, reinvented themselves throughout their career and have contributed so much to the music industry.

    I don’t think it was a good move for them to do that – think of all the loyal fans who own the U2 ipods… now they’re meant to switch to blackberry? Not good PR for U2. They’re entitled to make good business moves and make money, but ignoring customer loyalty is not a great plan. This weakens the U2 brand. Its like doing a pepsi ad then next year doing a coke ad – leaves fans seriously confused about their brand associations.

  6. Man, it is almost like someone said the Beatles are coming to iTunes with all this negativity thrown toward a band. Oh my God, U2 did not go with Apple. How dare they? They must be stupid. The numerous stadium sell outs certainly point to the demise of U2. I guess nobody like them any more. Fools.

  7. Regardless of their music, this is a missed opportunity for U2 from a creative perspective. I don’t dislike the BB — but it’s an e-mail machine, the best e-mail workhorse around, but it’s not a multimedia experience. (And if you’re talking Storm… well, that’s just sad.)

    I remember driving around in my friend’s VW van listening to ‘Under a Blood Red Sky’ when it came out. I think the line went something like, “There’s been a lot of talk about this next phone. Maybe, maybe too much talk. This phone is not an iPhone, this phone is Blackberry ****ty Blackberry.”

  8. @jpgr…….I think you’re missing everyone’s point. In some way, I think most of us are U2 fans….but they were once closely tied to Apple. But because they couldn’t have their way they’ve now switched to a big rival and have even bad mouthed Apple in the media.

    And a BIG BAG of money was involved from RIM…..you can be sure of that. If I’m RIM, I’d want to get a big group like U2 on my side too to even try to compete with Apple but if U2 had never been associated with Apple to begin with, I think people would be reacting a little less negative about it.

    Lets face it…..to partner with a company who clearly has an inferior product when you’ve been with the best has got to point to something deeper…….money or power and influence is the reason here. Bono’s head has just grown a little too big me thinks….

  9. Does anyone even care about the iTunes LP format or equivalent from RIM, etc.? This just seems like some sad capitulation to the record labels in an attempt to bundle more music.

    Personally, I like it much better where I pay for the song. There are very few artists who’s music warrants buying an entire album.

  10. News Headline: U2 shuns BB to go with Apple…
    MDN readers: “Yay! U2 is awesome, I told you the app store has all the coolest stuff. U2 realized that there’s more profit to be made in Apple’s store.”

    News Headline: U2 shuns Apple to go with BB…
    MDN readers: “U2 is a bunch of hasbeen hypocrites who only care about money. Boo U2. You never mattered anyhow.”

  11. @ApplePi, fair point but I don’t think everyone is suggesting they’re hypocrites or selling out (any more than anyone else). It’s always about the money… and I don’t blame them for that. But it is a weird creative choice. Like I said, more than anything a missed opportunity, but that is their choice too.

    I’ve been a U2 fan for a long time. Have enjoyed and been disappointed by various “come backs.” This doesn’t affect any of that. I can still download or rip their stuff.

    As an aside, I still think that Bono MacPhisto thing was just silly…

  12. Having been a passionate U2 fan since 80s, I own every LP/CD up until Zoo Station, their most transcendental IMHO, but nothing since. So I suppose this band’s evolution is no surprise, from rebel to corporate phone front men. Bono’s lyrics were always made bearable only by the great music provided by the rest of the band mates, but now the Edge seems to have lost his edge, and they drown out the most sublime part of their music, Larry’s amazing percussion skills.

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