The Los Angeles Times: Apple’s sleek new iPod nano an ‘astonishing triumph of engineering’

Apple StoreApple’s new iPod nano is “an astonishing triumph of engineering and design that has managed to pack all these new features — along with the old ones — into a sleek, elegant device that’s a pleasure to use,” David Colker reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“The [FM] radio is easy to use, works well (outside) and does have one truly convenient feature — a TiVo-like buffer that allows you to halt listening for up to 15 minutes and pick up right where you left off,” Colker reports. “The new Nano is $149 for the 8-gigabyte model and $179 for the 16 GB version. Given that you’ll be tempted to take a lot of off-the-cuff videos, you’re probably better off with 16 GB.”

“That is, if iPod players are still for you. For not too much more money, you can move up to an iPod Touch (starting at $199), which is a sophisticated mini-computer in addition to being an audio-video player,” Colker reports. “The Touch has Wi-Fi capability for e-mail and the Web and sophisticated GPS apps.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s iPod touch does not offer built-in GPS. Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS do.

Colker continues, “And it can play serious games. Then there’s the granddaddy of the portable: the iPhone [3G] (starting at $99, with a two-year call/data plan). The iPhone 3GS ($199, with plan) already has a video camera.”

“It’s a good bet that the Touch will eventually get a video camera, too. And with their Wi-Fi abilities, they’ll be able to send those video clips directly to friends, family or Facebook,” Colker reports. “Even so, the stylish Nano deserves to be thought of not as a lesser device, at least for the time being, but one that serves its own niche. It’s so small that it’s great for the gym, hiking trails or a run.”

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  1. Dear pundits. You asked Apple for years to build a freaking radio tuner into their iPod. When they finally do, they shove a TiVo (RiVo? RiDo?) in your face along with it.

    Be careful about asking for a replaceable battery. They may include one that also replaces pundits.

  2. @The Other Steve

    They would if the Ipod Touch with Video was priced at 249 or maybe even 229

    The 149 price point keeps it in a comfort range for a major segment of the population…plus it’s only 640×480…and the Flip HD is $ under 170 now I think…but it won’t play music…

  3. I still think they should have made it without that ugly FCC CE stuff right next to the lens. I guess they’re required to put that on the product to comply with some regulation – but couldn’t they have put it at the other end? In smaller print?

  4. Although I don’t really need one, I may just have to get one of these because it is so unbelievably cool. A movie studio shop that builds non-working props for sci-fi films could not have come up with something so amazingly futuristic; unlike a movie prop, this thing actually works. Even someone with an iPhone 3GS (that already have a better video camera) would be tempted to add one of these to their Apple gear collection.

  5. Oh boy! Can’t wait for the candid dipping and dangling vidz to flood the interwebz! Yeehaa!!! And YouBoob will make it all possible – thank you ! – i’ve been waiting my whole life 4 this ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    (What’s this fool maclover even talking about?)

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