Do you use an all-in-one printer?  If so, which one works best with Mac OS X?

Apple StoreDo you use a multifunction printer (Printer, Scanner, Copier, and/or Fax) with Mac OS X?

If so, which one do you recommend works best for Mac OS X users and why? Let us know below in Reader Feedback.

Also, please let us know which version of Mac OS X you’re using (we’re particularly interested in 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard).


  1. I use a Canon MP960 Photo printer. The photos come out gorgeous, but a lot of black in one area can sometimes produce faint vertical lines. I’ve used several different kinds of photo paper and this printer is definitely a good one for students. I’ve had no problems scanning, coping, or printing with Snow leopard and previous. The bluetooth connectivity is also a major plus for all kinds of printing.

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  3. I have an HP 4280 with a Mac OS 10.5.8 and it drinks up ink like a drunken soldier. I will have to switch quickly to a printer only option.
    I had a Lexmark Z515 with my last Mac OSX and when I got the new computer, guess what? It was no longer compatible with the Mac. I am not amused.

Reader Feedback

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