15 things you didn’t know about Apple’s new iPod touch, nano, shuffle, and classic

Apple Store“As we prepare our comprehensive reviews of new iPod models, we wanted to share some early discoveries with you, covering all four of the new 2009 iPod models,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for iLounge.

Here are a few snippets about the iPod nano to whet your appetite:

• One underpublicized difference between the fifth-generation nano and its predecessors is screen technology. Apple has changed its specs page to reflect the use of thin-film transistor screen technology.
• The fifth-generation nano is compatible with games released for the prior two generations of iPod nano; games display on its wider screen with black letterbox-style bars, rather than rescaling.
• Twelve lines of standard menu text can now fit on the iPod nano’s screen rather than ten.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. How long before there’s a scandal at a high school or college somewhere where one of these nanos records the locker room?

    Within one month is my prediction.

    Why, oh, why did I graduate 12 years ago?!?! So many shenanigans I missed out on . . .

  2. Futurists have long predicted this age of cheap, ubiquitous video (and other sensors). Preceded by the age of cheap processing power and the age of cheap connectivity. Who was it that predicted the “use-once disposable video camera” in, say, a Hallmark greeting card?

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