Wall Street analysts remain positive on Apple stock following Wednesday’s music event

Apple Store“Although Wednesday’s iPod announcements were seen as a relative ‘non-event,’ analysts are still high on Apple stock, predicting that the hardware maker will continue to perform well in a down economy,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster said that Wednesday’s announcements were a ‘non-event,’ though he said the return of company co-founder Steve Jobs to the stage was a welcome event.”

“As for the products themselves, Munster said the iPod touch price cuts were a ‘slight disappointment,’ as was the lack of a camera on the device,” Hughes reports. “‘We were expecting a new iPod touch model with a video camera, which Apple did not announce,’ he said. ‘The lack of a camera may be due to last-minute quality issues, or it may also be a strategic decision to differentiate the nano from the touch, and the touch from the iPhone. Ultimately we see the lack of a camera in the touch as a move to push users toward the iPhone and drive purchases of multiple devices per customer by segmenting the product lines.'”

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  1. In David Pogue’s interview yesterday Steve Jobs explained why the iPod touch didn’t get a camera: “Originally, we weren’t exactly sure how to market the Touch. Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer? What happened was, what customers told us was, they started to see it as a game machine. Because a lot of the games were free on the store… We started to market it that way, and it just took off. And now what we really see is it’s the lowest-cost way to the App Store, and that’s the big draw.”

    I thought that was plain enough to quell complaints about no camera.

  2. yeah i bet FLIP is so pissed off and already trying to sell itself off. Apple really screwed them up royally by singling them out.
    In time PSP and DSI wont be able to compete with the Touch.

  3. The PSP and DS will be able to compete with the iPod touch just fine, as will the Zune HD, Creative Zii and other PMPs. Because Apple is purposely shortchanging features in order to protect their iPhone revenues. Those other companies don’t have to worry about that.

    And those wide profit margins you guys love to cheer? Well we won’t have to worry about Apple putting anything too radical in there because that would erode them.

    By this time next year when Steve Jobs is trotting out a 4G iPod touch with a lousy camera, it will have been done a hundred times over and they’ll be behind the game rather than ahead of it.

  4. @XJM
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